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Summer Edition Foxy Friends 2016

Tuesday, Jun. 28th 2016 7:10 AM

Once a quarter, every season, Foxy Bingo produce their Foxy Friends magazine and we are lucky enough to be on the mailing list! Ok, so it’s not really an exclusive club, all players at the site get a copy but how many of you actually take the time to look through?

We do, and from the Spring 2016 edition even took the time to enter ALL of the competitions that the magazine had to offer. It was time well spent because we came up trumps and won not one but THREE different prizes from the free to enter competitions. We’ve done the same this month and who knows, we might get lucky again.

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Foxy Bingo And TOWIE

Sunday, Nov. 1st 2015 7:30 AM

Foxy is well known for having many celebrity friends, no doubt because he’s such a big name himself. Right now he’s linking arms with the TOWIE crew from The Only Way is Essex with some themed rooms and special promotions for players.

Just since Foxy Bingo announced the TOWIE team were joining the brand for some promotion we’ve seen a free game, and a big £25,000 jackpot that played last night, but you can expect a lot more to come including some brand new TOWIE Bingo rooms, all hosting their own special games.

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Pick Your Outfit From The Bingo Wardrobe

Saturday, Sep. 5th 2015 7:45 AM

Recently we saw the launch of a brand called Lucky Socks Bingo, a site that instantly made is this of Lucky Pants Bingo and then, with the underwear sorted we had a mission in mind. Our plan today, and the theme of this article is your Bingo Wardrobe! No, it isn’t a new brand, although we were shocked to find the domain name wasn’t registered to anyone (it is now), we’re just having a bit of fun with some clothing themed brand names.

So as we have said, we have donned our bingo undies – our lucky socks and our lucky pants – the latter of which covers our Booty and we’ve been getting dressed in our Bingo Boudoir, but what’s next from the Bingo Wardrobe?

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30 Lucky Days At Butlins Bingo

Friday, Sep. 4th 2015 7:14 AM

We’re into a new month and with that comes a new range of promotions from around the online bingo world and today it’s Butlins Bingo that has caught our eye with the 30 Lucky Days promotion. This September the brand is giving away a horde of prizes to lucky players including cash and all sorts of goodies, and if you want to get your name into the prize draw you’ll need to log on and play!

There are prizes every single day but to get your name in the draw you’ll need to have made a deposit on the previous day. Every day you make a deposit you’ll qualify for the next day’s draw at Butlins Bingo, but meet the wagering requirements and you’ll also go into the weekend and milestone draws to win even bigger prizes.

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Now Available – The 1st Anthology Of Bingo

Friday, Aug. 7th 2015 12:33 PM

We’re proud to announce that our first ever book is now ready for public consumption. It’s taken a while to come to fruition, but we’re finally able to show off our book. It’s titled The 1st Anthology Of Bingo, and collects together a range of short-stories, poems and photographs all inspired by the game of bingo, and you can buy it right here!

Featuring a diverse range of content, from sci-fi to kitchen sink drama, the book has been compiled from the short-listed and winning entries to the poetry and writing competitions we held a few years back. There’s also a number of full-colour photo pages in the book, featuring the work of Michael Hess and Henry/Bragg. All in all it’s a nice little compilation of content that’s should have a few items to appeal to anyone.

I’m going to call it here and now, this (to my best knowledge) is the world’s first (and only) anthology dedicated to the game of bingo. Why it’s taken this long for someone to create such a compilation I can only guess, but there you go. If anyone out there knows different and would like to quosh my claim, then please feel free to let me know. Until then, I’m sticking with my assertion that there’s never been a collection in print like this one before, and this is a genuine world first. ;)

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Eurovision Week At City Bingo

Wednesday, May. 20th 2015 7:41 AM

We know that City Cat is a traveller and he’s always jetting about all over the place so we have no idea what country he’ll be supporting at next weekend’s Eurovision song contest but we do know he’s getting involved and bringing in his good friend Conchita Cat to give you Eurovision week at City Bingo this week.

Conchita Cat is an Austrian native but she’s also a good friend of Conchita Wurst, last year’s Eurovision winner. Conchita can’t tell you the winner of Eurovision, you’ll have to tune in for that but she will be popping into the bingo rooms at City Bingo this week with some very special giveaways!

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Win An iPhone 6 At Fancy Bingo

Monday, May. 11th 2015 7:37 AM

Fancy Bingo has a real fancy treat in store for players this month and it doesn’t get much fancier than the brand new, shiny Apple iPhone 6! This month the brand is giving players the chance to win free tickets into the Call Me Maybe game and the prize for this game is a brand new Apple iPhone 6 with your phone bills paid for a year, a prize package worth more than £800!

You’ll be the envy of all your friends with this sleek, stunning device and it’s more than just a phone too, as you have all the standard access to games, apps and features and of course that includes the Fancy Bingo Mobile site too!

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Guess The City At City Bingo

Wednesday, Apr. 29th 2015 7:17 AM

City Cat has been in London this month for the Marathon, the Queen’s Birthday and St George’s Day and he’s had a fantastic time in the capital, but as we know he’s quite a jetsetter and never stays in one place for long. However before he gets off again with City Bingo you get a chance to guess the city and if you do so you could win a share of the loot!

It’s easy to take part, you just have to be a member of City Bingo and signed in to vote. Head to the promotional page and make your guess of where City Cat is jetting off to next before midnight tomorrow and if you’re correct you’ll be quids in.

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