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Give Back Bingo Gives Back

Thursday, Feb. 8th 2018 7:43 AM

Bingo has been used to raise money for various charities for as long as we can remember and whilst it may have started in the local village hall, the world of online bingo has quite a few sites who raise money for good causes through special games and promotions too. Give Back Bingo are one such site and when you think about it, it’s pretty apparent in the brand name.

Give Back Bingo say they like to put the fun into fundraising and as such have a fundraiser frenzy every Friday night from 8pm until 9pm in the room of the same name. Head on over there and join their chat hosts for a whole hour of charitable fun.

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Share A Little Christmas Chaos With Tidy Bingo

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd 2015 7:28 AM

Tonight Tidy Bingo are hosting their Christmas party and it looks as though there will be a little bit of ‘chaos’ if the name is anything to go by. It’s all in good fun though as the site opens their Tidy Cupboard and welcomes all players, new and old, regular or infrequent visitors, to win prizes and points a plenty in three hours of festive fun.

7 pm is when the party starts and as is usual practice for a Tuesday night in the Cupboard, the Tidy and The Troops game gets us started. There’s £50 to be won on this jackpot game and tickets are 25p at Tidy Bingo; don’t forget, each game sees a donation made to Help for Heroes too!

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Charity Bingo Up To Its Old Tricks Again

Tuesday, Oct. 13th 2015 7:22 AM
Charity Bingo

Charity Bingo
Needs An Update

Regular readers here at Playing Bingo will know that for some time now we have had an issue with Charity Bingo and their inability to keep their players informed of the donations being made to charity. The whole ethos of the site, its unique selling point is that they donate £1 to charity for every £20 you deposit, but regular updates to the charity of the month and the donations made are a rarity.

A previous article like this resulted in an update to the charity pages [read the article here] following the brand providing no update since March 2015! We are now in October and currently the dedicated page shows donations up until June 2015 only.

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Lollipop Bingo Charity Chew Promotion

Thursday, Jul. 30th 2015 7:54 AM

Tomorrow night sees the 15 Network sites play their monthly Pay Day jackpot game, a game that boasts the largest jackpot available on this network. There’s £1,000 to be won and tickets for the game cost 50p each and are on sale right up until just before the game starts. Each of the sites on the network hosts the game, but Lollipop Bingo have a bit more to offer than most from the Pay Day jackpot game with their Charity Chews promotion.

The jackpot and chances to win remain the same at Lollipop Bingo but buying a ticket at their site will see half of the ticket price donated to a worthy cause. Currently, the charity that Lollipop are supporting is the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) but this is only for the first six months, after this players will get to choose the charity.

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Two Bingo Clubs Raise 1 Million For Charity

Tuesday, Mar. 24th 2015 10:29 AM

As bingo clubs have always has been closely tied to the communities in which they operate they have always done their bit for local charities. But, there is more to it than bingo halls doing a bit of ‘good PR’ by showing that they care, a lot of bingo halls really do make a difference.

All the big brands are hot on charity initiatives, especially at Christmas, but many clubs are doing good works throughout the year to support local causes. While we would never like to say that one brand is a greater contributor than any other (they all do well), we have to say that two Mecca Bingo clubs are really shining the light with a joint contribution of £1 million pounds.

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Tidy Bingo Make Troops Changes

Saturday, Mar. 14th 2015 7:30 AM

Since February 2014 Tidy Bingo have been making regular donations to the worthy cause Help For Heroes (H4H) via their Tidy and The Troops promotion. To date there have been two donations totalling £1034.75 but Tidy are just about to send another £500+ cheque. The money raised is mostly contributed via ticket sales from the Tidy and the Troops game that plays on a Tuesday night at 7pm but soon players will get a little more for their money with changes made by the site.

To date Tidy Bingo have raised an impressive £1,535.70 for Help For Heroes and players at the certainly love the promotional game that raised the money. For just 25p a ticket they get three chances to win a share of the £50 guaranteed jackpot on offer in the Troops game AND the feel good factor of raising money for H4H. There is now a third reason to play in the game….

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A Little Festive Chaos At Tidy Bingo

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd 2014 7:55 AM

At Tidy Bingo tonight we’re donning our party frocks, blowing up the balloons and raising a glass or two in the cupboard, there will be more than a little Christmas Chaos happening in our standalone room from 7pm. Ok, so you don’t really have to dress up and the balloons will all be virtual but the festive fun will definitely be real!

We start at 7pm at Tidy Bingo with our weekly favourite, the Tidy and the Troops game but this week more will be donated to Help For Heroes than usual. We’ve decided that ALL ticket sales will be added to the kitty rather than just any sold over and above the 200 required to cover the £50 guaranteed prize pool. For H4H that means a minimum donation of at least £50.

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Tidy Bingo Offers Bonfire Bargains

Thursday, Nov. 13th 2014 7:53 AM

When it comes to exclusive promotions Tidy Bingo is certainly streaks ahead of other brands on the 15 Network and yes, we may be a little bias because it is our very own brand but these aren’t unsubstantiated claims. We really do offer a promotional schedule that is pretty impressive and this month alone we have launched not one, not two but THREE exclusive promos for our players – one of which is the Bonfire Bargains deal.

This deal at Tidy Bingo is centred around our standalone room, the Tidy Cupboard and whilst it doesn’t boast jackpots or prizes that compare with those offered at bigger, more established brands, smaller player numbers in the room means increased chances of winning.

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