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Ultimate Universe Jackpot Win At Chit Chat Bingo

Saturday, Mar. 4th 2017 7:22 AM

Chit Chat Bingo moved to the Dragonfish network in October 2016 after already having had two previous incarnations. They first launched on the Parlay software and then in 2011, migrated to G2 Gtech before settling in their current ‘skin’. The move has meant that the site is able to offer the Ultimate Universe slot and for a fairly new player to the brand, this meant a jackpot win of over £15,000!

The lucky Chit Chat Bingo player was lyn23061, a customer who only actually registered with the site on 3rd February 2017. Lady Luck looks to have followed her to the site, pulled up a chair beside her and ensured that the £1.25 was more lucrative than lyn23061 could ever have hoped for.

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Big Win On White Wizard Slot

Thursday, Feb. 16th 2017 7:56 AM

When it comes to slots at various online bingo sites, there are some that are more popular than others. White Wizard is one of the main stable of games that have been on the 888 / Dragonfish brands for quite some time. At Bid Bingo recently one lucky player walked away £15,000 richer thanks to this slot but his stake was probably at bit more than your average bingo player would wager.

The Bid Bingo player spinning the White Wizard slot reels was called ‘carlsberg0407’ and it would be fair to say that this was ‘Probably The Best’ win he had to date. This player had started his gaming session with a £200 deposit to the site but when he finished, his balance was at over £15,000!

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What Would You Do With Massive Bingo Win?

Saturday, Feb. 4th 2017 2:50 PM

We’re really pleased that land based bingo is still notching up the big wins in the clubs, as just like online bingo, the the allure of a life changing win is a real draw that keeps the players playing bingo. The latest big land based winner is an anonymous granny who bagged and impressive bingo win of £233,000 at Mecca Bingo in Sale.

The National Game, which the lucky lady won is a linked game that is played across clubs in the UK simultaneously. This means that you are unfortunately playing against thousands and thousands of other players, not just the few hundred that may be sat around you in your club.

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Zinger Bingo Players Nets 75 Ball Progressive

Saturday, Sep. 24th 2016 7:05 AM

The Diamonds Are Forever progressive jackpot is probably one of, if not THE, best known PJP online today. It’s been available in the world of online bingo for quite some time and over the years has created some impressive winners. The latest to join the 75 ball PJP winner across the Dragonfish network hails from the Zinger Bingo site and this player saw Lady Luck take a seat beside him on Monday 12th September.

The lucky player is zash21, or Ashley M. from Kent and he has been a player with Zinger Bingo since April 2016. The site only launched in March of this year, so this player did really well to land the Diamonds are Forever jackpot which had clearly been growing for quite some time. The seed for this PJP is £500.

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£1.3 Million Jackpot For Sky Bingo Player

Saturday, Jul. 2nd 2016 7:57 AM

As a bingo player, how many times have you logged into your favourite site when you’re suffering from a touch of insomnia? For one lucky player, an early hours of morning spin on one of the many slots at Sky Bingo proved to be quite lucrative. This lucky lady landed herself a progressive jackpot of just over £1.3 million!

Chrissie Johnson awoke from her slumber just after midnight not feeling very well. Unable to fall back to sleep and not wishing to disturb her sleeping husband, she tiptoed down to the lounge, fired up her laptop and logged into Sky Bingo.

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Foxy Bingo Luckiest On £200K Jackpot Games

Thursday, Mar. 24th 2016 7:19 AM

§Avid fans of the online bingo game will know that to date we have seen a total of three linked games that each offered an impressive £200K jackpot, the last of which only played at the end of February. What they may not know is that to date, Foxy Bingo is the brand that has produced the most winners from the three games.

That said, the biggest prize won to date on the £200K jackpot games was at Red Bus Bingo on the first of the games back in May 2015. One player landed the coverall prize of £100,000 at that site, the Foxy Bingo wins have totaled slightly more at £115,000 over the three games.

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Big Bingo Winners In The £200K Jackpot Game

Thursday, Oct. 1st 2015 7:12 AM

For a couple of months there were many sites all bragging that they were offering a big £200K jackpot to their players, often with no mention that the game was linked with multiple sites. Similar happened back in May when the first of these big money linked games happened. What we didn’t see back in May were many details of the game winners, we were one of just a couple of news portals that sourced that information and even then, we didn’t get a player name.

The big winner for the May £200K jackpot game was from Red Bus Bingo and this player netted themselves £100K (the rest was shared amongst 1TG and 2TG players). The question is, why didn’t Red Bus Bingo publicise the win? There was no PR done on having a £100,000 winner which seems like a missed opportunity.

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Exclusive Progressive Jackpot Winner At Tidy Bingo

Thursday, Aug. 13th 2015 7:57 AM

If you are a regular player on the 15 Network sites like Tidy Bingo then you will know that they offer a progressive jackpot on both 75 and 90 ball games. For the 90 ball bingo a full house has to be called in just 39 numbers, quite a feat in itself. What you may not know is that Tidy offer their very own exclusive 90 ball progressive jackpot, one that is easier to win as there are 45 calls required to snap up their bounty.

On Tuesday 4th, August the exclusive jackpot was won for the 6th time by wtg_lol, a regular player in the Tidy Cupboard, the standalone room that hosts the Tidy Bingo PJP. The great thing about this jackpot is that the six winners to date have not spent extortionate amounts of cash to win the prize on offer. All of the tickets in the Cupboard, apart from the first game of each session, are priced at either 5p or ticket.

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