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Bingo Bulldog Bites The Dust

Thursday, Jul. 28th 2016 7:46 AM

Bingo bulldog

Bingo Bulldog

When it comes to online bingo sites, we see many new ones join the ranks each month. However, today the news is of a site closure. Bingo Bulldog is the site and if we’re honest, we are shocked that it survived as long as it did!

Bingo Bulldog launched in October 2013 on the Parlay Entertainment software and was one of the few sites still trading that offer players this software platform. At launched we reviewed the site and found a limited number of rooms and even fewer players. The suggestion would be that this improved over time; otherwise, the site wouldn’t have been able to survive over two and a half years.

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Rogers Bingo To Close On 1st November 2015

Saturday, Oct. 10th 2015 7:09 AM
Rogers Bingo

Closing Soon
Rogers Bingo

When Rogers Bingo first opened in the summer of 2011 we remember being quite excited about the new brand. It was the first to launch from Cladstone Limited and one that brought something new to the online bingo marketplace. However, whilst it was good to see another brand open using proprietary software, the actual gaming experience at the site didn’t live up to expectations.

Rogers Bingo is not a brand that we have ever deposited at. The cumbersome navigation, hard to understand rooms and complex promotions meant that it wasn’t a site we ever really got our teeth into. We won’t feel the loss when the brand closes on 1st November 2015.

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Party Bingo To Close Next Week

Friday, May. 29th 2015 7:27 AM

Party Bingo is one of the longest established online bingo sites on the net but in recent years with the explosion of many big brands, the site hasn’t kept up with current trends too well and maybe the death knells have actually been sounding for a while but now the brand has announced that on 3rd June they will be closing their virtual doors for good.

Originally the bingo brand of the gaming giants Party Gaming, Party Bingo has fallen on less favourable times in recent years. From a player’s perspective it would seem there has been little investment in the brand for some while.

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Totesport Bingo To Close

Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015 7:25 AM
Totesport Bingo

Totesport Bingo
To Close

There have been a few changes behind the scenes of late at some of the Virtue Fusion / Playtech sites; changes that don’t affect players but sites like ours that promote the brands. These changes have been around the affiliate programs that are used to promote the sites and recently we received notification about Totesport and how the brand is moving to a new scheme. However, Totesport Bingo is not making the migration because it is closing.

How permanent the closure of Totesport Bingo is remains to be seen, all we have been told is that it has been removed from the brand ‘for the foreseeable future’. The question is though, is the closure a great loss to the online bingo player or one that we wouldn’t have noticed save for the communication about the affiliate changes?

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Bingo Sites To Avoid

Friday, Sep. 19th 2014 12:33 PM

You may or may not already be signed up at the following online bingo sites, and if you haven’t, they should probably be best avoided (at least for the time being). Big Time Bingo, Bingo Palace, BingoSC, and are reported to be closing, so they should not be played on or registered at.

Players who already have accounts with the above mentioned sites have been advised to “CHARGE BACK ALL TRANSACTIONS THAT YOU HAVE MADE IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS”. Having said that, it is unlikely that reimbursements can be obtained.

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Mirror Bingo Moves To Virtue Fusion

Thursday, Jul. 17th 2014 7:55 AM

Mirror Bingo, from the newspaper group of the same name has been a Cashcade favourite since its launch but recently the brand has been streamlined and many of the sites have lost their original feel. It may be that that’s fuelled the decision by the Mirror group to move the sites over to the Virtue Fusion software.

The decision was announced a little while ago and for most of yesterday Mirror Bingo was offline. At about dinner time the site finally went live, moving all the operations, lock, stock and barrel over to the Virtue Fusion software. We’ll be updating the Mirror Bingo review soon.

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Numerous Online Bingo Site Closures

Saturday, Mar. 8th 2014 7:47 AM

Often the news we bring you here at Playing Bingo is about new brands that are launching on line, it’s quite a rarity to be reporting on the closure of a brand but in February 2013 quite a few shut their virtual doors! February also heralded the arrival of some new brands (Tickety Boo Bingo to name just one) too but the closures were more numerous.

The only site on the closures list that made an official announcement, at least one we were privy too, was BingOn. This site opened in 2009 on the NYX Interactive software before moving to Parlay in October 2011. Players to the site are now directed to Bingo Palace where their logins are valid. Parlay now has very few brands powered by their software.

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