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Live TV At Lucky Diner Bingo

Friday, Jul. 29th 2016 7:17 AM

As regular readers here at Playing Bingo will know, I am not a huge fan of the Cozy Games products. Over the years I have been more than a little scathing but you may have noticed, this has lightened a little recently. First, the sites reduced the minimum withdrawal amounts, then they created Wizard of Bingo and now Lucky Diner Bingo has Live TV.

It’s odd because I’ve never really been impressed with what the likes of Gala Bingo have to offer by way of the live shows, and the G2 Gtech stuff certainly doesn’t float my boat, but a visit to the new bingo site, Lucky Diner Bingo, on their second night of opening, and I stayed for the session – only leaving to eat my dinner! Maybe I didn’t give the others a fair crack of the proverbial whip.

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Can U Beat The Boss At bgo

Saturday, Jul. 9th 2016 7:25 AM

Verne Troyer has been The Boss at bgo for quite some time now and not so long ago he was joined as Paris Hilton in a selection of commercials for the brand. That in itself would have had quite a price tag on it but the most recent adverts for the brand will also have cost quite a lot.

The reason for the hefty price tag on the latest commercials is more than just the cost of filming and location because bgo have used an iconic tune in their advert. bgo have created their own parody of the iconic 90’s tune, U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammers and called it U Can’t Beat This. Watching the advert you’re not quite sure how you should be feeling; embarrassed for Mr Troyer strutting his funky stuff to the tune or just taking it for what it is, a bit of fun that grabs the viewers attention.

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mFortune Now Sponsor Jeremy Kyle

Monday, Jul. 4th 2016 7:40 AM

Whether you love Jeremy Kyle or not, his daytime talk show is compelling viewing. It does not matter if you are waiting for the DNA results or just want to see if the next guest has teeth, you just can’t drag yourself away from the television! During the ad breaks some people choose to pick up their mobile phone for a few games of bingo or a spin on the slots, and this is why mFortune made the decision to become his new sponsor!

Mobile gaming is big business these day with the number of people playing via their smartphone or tablet device on the increase all of the time. mFortune is a brand that has embraced this technology, they offer their games exclusively to mobile players. You will pick up £5 for free when you register followed by a 100% deposit on your first deposit. Alll you need is an Internet connection and a decent sized screen.

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Johnny Vegas Joins Costa Bingo

Monday, Jun. 13th 2016 7:49 AM

If you are a Costa Bingo player then you will already know about Sunny, the bright smiley character that is the face of the brand. You will find that he has a new voice now, and one that you might recognise because it’s none other than the well-known comedian Johnny Vegas. It is not yet known if he is going to front the site and feature in their promotions in the same way that Spice Girl Mel B did in the past, but we are looking forward to seeing what they have planned.

Johnny’s first foray into the world of online bingo comes in the shape of two eleven second adverts. The first of these sees a sunglasses-clad Sunny cheekily asking if you fancy some fun for free before being wolf whistled by someone just out of shot. He calls them a cheeky thing before going on to tell you (the viewer) that you can play for free and win real cash!

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Slots And Bingo Do Battle In 888Ladies Advert

Tuesday, May. 31st 2016 7:57 AM

We’ve heard that Costa Bingo are soon set to launch a new TV campaign with Johnny Vegas as the new face of their brand and we were quite excited, but we have to wait a couple of days to see what their new advert looks like. On the other hand, 888Ladies already have a new commercial advertising their wares on the small screen and in it we slots and bingo do battle!

Over the last year we have seen many brands change their welcome offers for new players to hybrid deals, cash match offers that see half of the bonus credited for bingo, and half for games. It is this that the 888Ladies advert focuses on, and this that sees bingo and slots come to blows!

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Go Emmerdale Crazy With Gala Bingo

Monday, Feb. 22nd 2016 7:10 AM

Gala Bingo are celebrating their exciting new Emmerdale Bingo, a fantastic 90 ball room themed on everyone’s favourite soap opera. This new room is available online or on their mobile app and boasts five themed locations and is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you are new to the brand and sign up for an account before the end of the month, depositing and spending a minimum of £10, not only will you receive a £25 bonus, but also a free limited edition Emmerdale mug.

Gala Bingo also want to make your pet a star for a day thanks to a cameo appearance as an extra on the show itself! If you have a pet that you think would look good running through the fields or getting examined by Paddy in the vets, all you have to do is upload a photo and get your friends and family to vote for it!

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Foxy Bingo Air New Commercial And £5 Free Deal

Saturday, Jan. 9th 2016 7:22 AM

When it comes to advertising, the online bingo brand that is probably best known for their commercials is Foxy Bingo. The loveable canid has been strutting his stuff on our screens for many years and like marmite, you either love him or you hate him. In the new commercial he shows off his swanky new look again and we were certainly keen to hear the music accompanying the dancing, it’s one of the many things we love about the Foxy commercials.

For this new advert you are being asked to check into Hotel Bingo and none other than the star of Foxy Radio and TV, Cristo awaits you at the door as the bellhop, or porter as we call them in the UK. The music that plays in this commercial is called Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing), a song original recorded in 1936 bu Louis Prima. It’s a catchy tune, and certainly fitting for the Foxy Bingo advert.

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Mecca Bingo Go Pet Friendly

Thursday, Dec. 17th 2015 7:10 AM

Poor old Mecca Bingo, they’re having a bit of a time of it recently. Firstly they have to forfeit just under a million pounds in profit following a ruling in a court case and then, as if that wasn’t enough, they have to make changes to their Christmas commercial. This won’t have cost a million, but it wouldn’t have been cheap!

We’ll skim over the first part of the story, it’s interesting if you’re in the industry, but as players, we’re more interested in the Christmas commercial story. You may have seen the advert on television recently and might not even have noticed the massive faux pas by Mecca Bingo (we certainly didn’t until we took to Twitter) so let us shed some light on things….

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