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Back In Business, The Return Of Playing Bingo

Thursday, Mar. 15th 2012 8:48 PM

You’d be forgiven for thinking the site had gone the way of the dodo the last couple of years. I’m as shocked it’s taken as long myself. The old blog shut down in April 2010, due to Blogger removing support for FTP publishing. My aim was to take the opportunity to build a new blog, and improve the site, which was long overdue a slap of paint and a clean up. Well, here we are, it’s almost 2 years since the old blog closed, and finally, the new look Playing Bingo is here.

There was a delay in getting going as other projects took precedence throughout the remainder of 2010 and early 2011, and finally in June 2011 we got stuck in to the refresh of this site. And believe it or not, it’s taken two of us since then to bring the site into shape and set her free (with other help along the way). Most of the old content is still here, in some cases it’s been improved, in others just moved about a bit. There’s a whole shed load of new stuff, and a complete new layout and division of the site.

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