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ASA Rule Against Sky Bingo

Monday, Aug. 7th 2017 4:51 AM

Sky Bingo have been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) this week over an editorial that featured on The controversy was caused after a feature appeared with the headline “Exclusive Report: Aberdeen City McDonald’s Employee wins £296,121 on her lunch break” in capital letters followed by smaller print stating “Published on 24-01-2017 By Christine Perry, Daily News UK”.

The advertorial went on to explain that a lady called Amelia Smith turned up for work at McDonalds, just like she does every other day, without realising what would happen on her break would change her life forever. It went on to detail the hardships she had faced before winning the Sky Bingo jackpot worth nearly £300,000 whilst eating her lunch.

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RASR Entertainment Sell Off Bingo Brands

Thursday, Apr. 21st 2016 7:44 AM
RASR Entertainment

RASR Entertainment
Brands Sold

A short while ago we received an email from RASR Entertainment informing us that we should stop promoting several of their brands because of a change in marketing budget. The sites involved were New Look, Sparkling, Sexy Shoes, Bingo 3x, Bingo Legacy and Rap Chic Bingo with a suggestion that they were to be shifting their marketing attention to Money Saver Bingo.

Just nine days later we received a follow-up email to explain that ALL of the brands above, and more, were being sold to another company. As you can imagine, we weren’t too impressed at the first email considering we have actively promoted the brands listed for many years and as such, simply chose to remove all relevant links to the RASR brands.

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Naughty Naughty Bingo

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013 7:24 AM

As many of our readers know we are usually quite on the ball with changes around the world of online bingo, in fact it would be far to say that we pride ourselves on having the correct information for our users as far as possible. Obviously with so many brands online today we do sometimes overlook a change, usually a bonus amendment at a two-bit site that we don’t visit often. However it has just come to our attention that one brand actually changed software and we didn’t know. The brand is Naughty Bingo…

Now Naughty Bingo is one of the two-bit sites we mentioned earlier. It previously ran on the Play N Go software but had little to offer the discerning player so we rarely went back to check out the promotions or deals. The only plus points for the brand were the no deposit required welcome bonus and that only a handful of brands used the Play n Go software.

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Wonder Bingo Closes For Good

Wednesday, Jul. 11th 2012 11:05 AM

A while back we reported that Wonder Bingo’s online site had ceased being a stand-alone, and chosen to network as part of TGN – The Gaming Network. It seems this move was not enough to save Wonder Bingo, as the site has now closed its doors following the closure of its Facebook app back in March 2011. Visitors to the site are now being greeted with a big closed sign and told they are being moved over to the Bingo Palace website.

Wonder Bingo were interesting because they bought most of their traffic from the very popular Facebook app, which was free to play. The online site tried to recreate some of this Facebook style interaction with various special features such as buddy lists. At the time their Facebook game was most popular, they had around half a million players signed up. You’d think with those sort of figures they’d have a very good chance of turning their pay to pay site into a winner. However it would seem this is not the case, and as I’ve always thought, proof positive that free bingo will rarely make a big inroad into providing reliable traffic to pay to play bingo.

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Daily Record Bingo Closed Or Not Renewed?

Wednesday, Jun. 20th 2012 11:00 AM

The Cashcade Network has a number of news and magazine sites in it – one of them is for the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record. Well, at least it did, but at this moment the site is down and out, despite still being linked too from the Daily Record’s homepage.

Incredibly, a quick look at the domain’s whois shows that the domain has expired and is in what’s called the Redemption Period. Basically, this means that the domain has not been renewed by the owner (Cashcade) but has not been fully dropped by the registrar. They can if they wish renew it in this time. If they don’t, the domain is free for other people to grab and use as they want. Because it’s in this state, the DNS for the site no longer works, so in effect the site is down as people can’t reach the address.

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Silk Bingo Purchased By United Bingo

Thursday, Jun. 14th 2012 7:00 AM

Silk Bingo is one of many brands on the Dragonfish Network and was previously managed by the Platinum Affiliates however the brand was recently sold to the people who run United Bingo. A check into the affiliate side of things revealed that Silk Bingo is no longer available through the Platinum Affiliates program but as yet, still not available through the United Bingo affiliate scheme which begs the question from affiliates, is the traffic we are sending to the brand earning us any money?

Whilst all of the affiliate links are still working correctly and directing traffic to the correct brand, how do we get banners, check earnings or interact with the owners of the brand? Had we not been in the know, would anyone have bothered to explain the situation to us as affiliates for Silk Bingo?

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Tax Changes And A New Look Bingo Association Site

Friday, Mar. 23rd 2012 9:49 PM

The dust might have had time to settle on Tuesday’s Budget, but the bingo industry is likely to be ruing the changes made to the tax regime for a long time to come. Most notable is Machine Games Duty (MGD) which will be hitting operators in their most profitable area of business, a further tax burden to an industry already taxed way more than other gambling businesses, which will offset any gains made from double taxation relief that’s also on the way. The Bingo Association says that this of the new changes:

“This new duty will help ensure that bingo’s potential for growth is substantially reduced, with some smaller independent operators seeing potential growth translated to contraction.”

The changes laid out by Chancellor George ‘Artful Dodger‘ Osbourne will see the UK’s bingo club’s prime source of revenues taxed at 20% from the 1st of February 2013. It’s come as a blow to the industry given the importance of the interval earnings from the slot machines. After a hard slog to get the number of £500 jackpot machines upgraded in the clubs a few years back.

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Back In Business, The Return Of Playing Bingo

Thursday, Mar. 15th 2012 8:48 PM

You’d be forgiven for thinking the site had gone the way of the dodo the last couple of years. I’m as shocked it’s taken as long myself. The old blog shut down in April 2010, due to Blogger removing support for FTP publishing. My aim was to take the opportunity to build a new blog, and improve the site, which was long overdue a slap of paint and a clean up. Well, here we are, it’s almost 2 years since the old blog closed, and finally, the new look Playing Bingo is here.

There was a delay in getting going as other projects took precedence throughout the remainder of 2010 and early 2011, and finally in June 2011 we got stuck in to the refresh of this site. And believe it or not, it’s taken two of us since then to bring the site into shape and set her free (with other help along the way). Most of the old content is still here, in some cases it’s been improved, in others just moved about a bit. There’s a whole shed load of new stuff, and a complete new layout and division of the site.

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