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Bingo Calls QuizSo you're a bingo regular or afficianado, you've heard all the bingo calls, but do you remember them all? Do you have the knowledge to become a bingo caller? Take our fun Bingo Calls quiz to see if you really have what it takes! And don't forget to share the results. By the way, one or two questions may have more than one correct answer!

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01: Number 38 has a food related rhyme, which of these is it?:

Christmas Cake
Pound of Hake
Slippery snake

02: Number 43 is Her Majesty's:

Pass the peas
Time ladies please
Down on your knees
Smell the cheese

03: Number 29 has more than one call:

Rise and Shine
You’re Doing Fine
In Your Prime
Tow the party line

04: Number 4 is locked:

Never a chore
Easter once more
Get up off the floor
Knock at the Door

05: You can't go wrong with Number 8:

One fat lady
Garden Gate
Harry Tate
Gareth Gates.

06: Only one wrong answer for Number 15:

Rugby team
Peachy keen
Young and Keen
Stroppy Teen

07: Number 25 is a shifty one:

Duck and Dive
Snakes alive
Jump and jive
Mrs Blyth

08: Number 32 could be one or two:

Nicky nacky noo
Buckle my shoe
Jimmy Choo
Toodle doo

09: Number 46 could get you in trouble:

Fiddle sticks
Up to Tricks
Clickety Click
Pooh sticks

10: Number 54 may cause slippage:

Clean the Floor
Ooh, shut that door
Please sir, can I have some more
Monkey's paw

11: Number 55 may be a number, but also maybe not:

Five and five
All the fives
Snakes Alive
What a dive!

12: Number 58 may hesitate:

Don't be late
Make them Wait
Close the gate
Lyle & Tate

13: Number 62 is another with several true:

Turn of the Screw
Cock'a'doodle doo
To Waterloo

14: Number 73 is again for Her Majesty:

Queen Bee
Bees knees
As you please
Smell the cheese

15: Number 87 is most likely in Devon, but where?

Paignton in Devon
Torquay in Devon
Made in Heaven
Limpets in Devon

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