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Bingo Adverts QuizOur bingo adverts quiz is designed to see how much of a commercial boffin you are! Some people complain about the number of bingo brands advertising on the small screen but we love seeing how some of our favourite sites try to sell their wares to television viewers.

You might surprise yourself with the quiz because although bingo adverts are like marmite – you love them or you hate them, you’ll probably find you fair quite well…

If you are stuck, you could find the answers in our bingo on TV section

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01: Which bingo brand used the iconic tune We Are Family by Sister Sledge in their advertising in 2008?

Think Bingo
Bingo Scotland
Foxy Bingo

02: In one bingo advert we saw a dancing thumb, which brand opted to market their site this way?

Dream Bingo
Bingo On The Box
Jackpot Joy
William Hill Bingo

03: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness was used in a commercial by which Bingo brand?

Foxy Bingo
Wink Bingo
Costa Bingo
Jackpot Joy

04: Vic Reeves was once the front man for which brands advertising campaign?

Big Brother Bingo
Winner Bingo

05: Which bingo brand’s commercial featured the line ”Are you saying I’m fat?”

Bingo Hollywood
Bingo Stars
Fancy Bingo
Up Your Bingo

06: We have seen one site use a dancing cactus to promote their brand but who was it?

Foxy Bingo
Mecca Bingo
Gala Bingo
Wink Bingo

07: Peter Andre and Katie Price were once married but both have individually been the face of two different bingo sites. Which two?

Iceland Bingo and Wink Bingo
Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo
Gala Bingo and Foxy Bingo
Mecca Bingo and Costa Bingo

08: You might not think a pigeon pooping on your head is lucky but one bingo brand used this as the focus for their television advert, which site was it?

Lucky Pants Bingo
Foxy Bingo
Kitty Bingo
Paddy Power Bingo

09: One of the Spice Girls takes on a ‘giant’ role in an advert for online bingo but for which brand?

Costa Bingo
Tombola Bingo
Bet365 Bingo
Wink Bingo

10: A bus stop and a rotund lady doing the Harlem Shake were used to advertise one site, but which was it?

Top Ten Bingo
Lucky Ladies Bingo
Winner Bingo
Raw Bingo

11: Brian Blessed is more than just the voice of the balls at this bingo site but what is the brand name?

Diva Bingo
Film Bingo
Lucky Rainbow Bingo
Bingo Godz

12: Vinnie Jones, the face you would least likely expect to see promoting a bingo site, fronted the campaign for which site?

Mirror Bingo
Daily Star Bingo
Sun Bingo
OK! Bingo

13: Zorbing looks like a whole lot of fun but which site opted to use the inflatable balls for their advertising campaign in 2008?

Ladbrokes Bingo
Wink Bingo
Kitty Bingo
Paddy Power Bingo

14: We’ve seen a dancing dog AND the Dream Idols in commercials for this brand but which is it?

Lucky Pants Bingo
Foxy Bingo
Kitty Bingo
Wink Bingo

15: In 2009 one bingo site released a ‘teaser’ trailer before their main commercial called ‘He’s Back’ but who was ‘he’?

Tidy Bingo
Foxy Bingo
Virgin Bingo
32 Red Bingo

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