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Hot House Bingo From Gala Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Sep. 27th 2018 12:08 PM

When it comes to innovation we are seeing more and more of our favourite brands launching new ways to play online bingo. We’ve seen Blocks from Tombola, BOB from Mecca and today we are going to be looking at Hot House Bingo, the new way to play from Gala Bingo.

When you enter a Hot House Bingo room at Gala Bingo you will see that the tickets are different from the standard 90 ball cards, although these are 90 ball games. There are no spaces, just 15 numbers in three columns of five. The gameplay is completely different too and it took a couple of games to understand what was happening.

Playing Hot House Bingo At Gala Bingo

Firstly, all players who choose to play Hot House Bingo at Gala Bingo are only able to purchase a maximum of three tickets per game. The price for these tickets varies as do the prize pots on offer on each too.

The aim of the game, like standard 90 ball bingo, is to cover all the 15 numbers on your ticket BUT, the game doesn’t end until ALL 90 balls have been called in Hot House Bingo.

Unlike standard 90 ball games that have three prizes available, Hot House Bingo boasts FIVE prizes but these are not allocated on line wins.

At the start of each game five number ranges can be seen above your bingo tickets and how much you win is determined by the following:

  1. The number range you call the full house on
  2. The value of that prize pot
  3. The number of players who called the full house

We played a game at Gala Bingo and had the following ticket price, prizes and winnings:

Ticket price (for three) total: 90p

  • Calls 1 to 68: £19.62
  • Calls 69 to 79 – £0.00
  • Calls 80 to 82 – £24.50
  • Calls 83 to 89 – £0.00
  • Call 90 – £4.90


  • First prize pot: three shared £19.62
  • Second prize pot: – one of our tickets won but no prize
  • Third prize pot: – 14 players shared 24.50 (our ticket won £1.75)
  • Fourth prize pot: – our last ticket won here – no prize
  • Fifth prize pot: – 27 players shared £4.90

Hot House Bingo In Play At Gala Bingo

Hot House Bingo - Gala Bingo


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