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Blocks At Tombola

Posted by Nickie on: Wednesday, Sep. 5th 2018 8:10 PM

We’ve always been big fans of Tombola and it’s easy to see why this site has won numerous awards, both from its peers and its players. However, over the last couple of years, it has slacked off in the introduction of new and innovative games to its bingo offering whilst the team concentrated on Tombola Arcade.

One of our favourite things about Tombola was the new game launches and FINALLY, we have a new one to tell you about (albeit it a bit after launch). The game is Blocks and it first appeared at the site back in July of this year. The question is, does it have the playability of firm favourites like Rollercoaster and Cinco?

Playing Blocks With Tombola

The game itself is a 60 ball version of bingo and tickets cost from as little as 10p each to as much as £2, much like all the other bingo variants available at Tombola.

When you opt to play Blocks you have the choice of six rooms:

  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Harbour
  • Island
  • Ocean
  • City

A Blocks grid is 6×6 and contains a selection of numbers between 1 and 60.

  • Column one contains 1 to 9
  • Column two contains 10 to 19
  • Column three contains 20 to 29
  • Column four contains 30 to 39
  • Column five contains 40 to 49
  • Column six contains 50 to 60

Numbers are called in the traditional way, but in blocks rather than balls and you earn points for matching coloured blocks both horizontally and vertically. This is the Score part of the game, one of the two prizes available on each.

Blocks - Tombola

Prizes On Blocks

The largest of the two prizes is for the Blocks jackpot and this is one if you clear six blocks of the same colour first – the full house of the Blocks game if you like.

There is also the Scores prize to be won and this is awarded to the player with the most points when the Blocks prize is won.

Points are awarded when blocks or the same colour touch for the first time. When the board first loads you will earn points, and then as you remove blocks and colours match, more points will be added to your score.

  • Two blocks – 20 points
  • Three blocks – 30 points
  • Four blocks – 40 points etc.

Head to Tombola and try it out for yourself.


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