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Blox Bingo From Jackpot Joy

Posted by Nickie on: Sunday, Jul. 1st 2018 7:31 AM

Over the years we have seen a number of themed bingo games launched and we recall one called Bejeweled Bingo that was available at Jackpot Joy back in August 2010. The game wasn’t around for long but now we’ve found that there’s a similar bingo game available at the site but with a different name! It’s called Blox Bingo and when we first heard of it, we thought it was a new way to play the actual bingo game, it’s not.

Blox Bingo is like a standard game of 90 ball bingo except that when the numbers are called, they don’t appear on screen in bingo balls. Instead they are in ‘blox’. From a normal game, this is the only difference at Jackpot Joy BUT, if you have six tickets in play, you’ll then get to play Blox Blitz after the main game!

Blox Bingo Blitz At Jackpot Joy

Another feature that Blox Bingo offers is the simplified view of your bingo tickets. This is something that we first saw at Playtech sites when Sea Bingo launched in the summer of 2015.

When you get near to bingo playing this game at Jackpot Joy, 3TG or less, the standard ticket view for that card changes to one that shows just the three, two or one number/s that are required to win the current prize.

When the main game is over, Blox Blitz starts and you have a set amount of time to score as many points as possible. Scoring is done by matching three or more symbols of the same colour.

At the end of the bonus rounds, your score is tallied and you will earn free tickets. These are awarded based on your personal score and then, the community score. Free tickets are awarded for the next game.

Game In Play At Jackpot Joy

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the game in play.

Blox Bingo

If you fancy a game or two, head to the site now by clicking the link below.


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