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Tea Cup Tournament At Gala Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Jun. 26th 2018 7:17 AM

The nation might not all be engrossed in the World Cup, and we may not all be keen on watching a game where 22 men run around a patch chasing a ball. However, if you’re here reading this article we can presume that you’re not adverse to a game which also uses balls, albeit that they are numbered. Gala Bingo are hosting their own version of the World Cup but it’s called the Tea Cup.

We’re now in Week Two of the Tea Cup tournament at Gala Bingo but you have this and two more weeks to get involved. Each week you have to qualify for the Semi-Final and then during that session on a Friday, you will be able to qualify for the Final on Sunday 15th July. Qualifying games for the Semis take place daily between midday and midnight and tickets cost 10p each.

Qualifying Games At Gala Bingo

Players who participate in Tea Cup qualifiers will share in a £60 prize pot if they are winners, and also receive tickets for the Semi-Final of their qualifying week at Gala Bingo. The split is as follows:

  • One line for £10 + Semi-Final ticket
  • Two lines for £20 + Semi-Final ticket
  • Full house for £30 + Semi-Final ticket

The Semi-Finals take place on the Friday of each week, so this week it is 29th June, next is 6th July and then the last on 13th July. In the Semi-Finals, tickets can be purchased at a cost of 50p each and in these games, you win tickets for the final. The prize money is substantially higher too!

  • One line for £500 + six Final tickets
  • Two lines for £1,500 + six Final tickets
  • Full house for £2,500 + six Final tickets

There is also £500 to be shared amongst those who didn’t win anything in the Semi-Final despite having tickets.

The Final At Gala Bingo

The big money is in the Final though and tickets for this game will cost £1 each. The Final prize money will change though, it just depends on how many games England play in the World Cup! It will be increased by £5,000 for each game and £5,000 when they are knocked out, if they are.

The full table for payouts on this game can be found below in the terms and conditions of the promotion.


Gala Bingo - Tea Cup

T&C’s taken from the relevant promotional page at Gala Bingo

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