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Wheel Of Slots Network Winding Bingo Down

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Jun. 9th 2018 7:17 AM

On 30th May we learned that Free Spirit Bingo was set to make a change. This change saw the brand migrate from the Wheel of Slots Network across to the 15 Network and the new software from Jumpman Gaming. For many this will seem a bit of a sidestep but it would appear that the Wheel Of Slots Network is to be wound down and will eventually not include any bingo brands.

Free Spirit Bingo first launched in November 2015 on WSN but it isn’t a site that has made a great impact in the world of online bingo, much like most of the brands powered by the Jumpman Gaming software. With the move to the 15 Network comes the chance to reclaim the first deposit bonuses again, even if you did have an account previously.

The Official Line About The Wheel Of Slots Network

We did try to get an official statement about the plans for the Wheel Of Slots Network but this was politely declined. So, for the interim we are going to speculate on the plans.

We’ve said for quite a while now that the player numbers are dwindling to virtually nothing on the 15 Network and the Wheel Of Slots Network has always held more appeal to slots players. It makes sense then to merge the two for bingo.

We would imagine that the remaining bingo sites on the Wheel of Slots Network (as per the list below) are going to be migrated across of the course of the next couple of months and also that we will see all the 15 Network sites migrated to the new Jumpman Gaming bingo software.

Wheel of Slots Network Bingo Sites

  • Bingo Diaries (closed 26th May 2018)
  • Bingo Fling
  • Fever Bingo
  • Lucky Cow Bingo
  • Lucky Touch Bingo
  • Lucky Wheel Bingo
  • Palace Bingo
  • Smile Bingo
  • Viking Bingo
  • Volcano Bingo
  • Wallis Bingo

Time will tell if we’re correct or not but watch this space for further updates.

In the interim, if you want to check out the new Free Spirit Bingo you can do so by clicking the banner above or the link below.


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