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Bonus Letter From UK Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Apr. 26th 2018 7:23 AM

We often receive promotional material from various online bingo sites in the post. Most of these will offer free spins or special deposit bonuses but one we had from UK Bingo boasted something a little different. The offer is different and a little bit confusing if we are honest.

The letter starts, as all do, with the addressee’s name and then the account’s real balance. In this instance the amount is £6.44. This is followed by the account username. It continues by telling us that we have a real cash balance left in our UK Bingo account. It explains that we may not have been aware of the balance as we hadn’t logged into our account for a while.

We are then told that this is real money and therefore there are no bonus requirements attached.

Exclusive Offer From UK Bingo

We are then offered an exclusive offer by UK Bingo as part of the balance reminder.

We received 25 free spins on the Fluffy Favourite slots and 96 free bingo tickets for use in the exclusive Royal Room. Additionally, if we wanted to, we could have taken advantage of an exclusive bonus bundle too. This offer was a 200% games bonus to a maximum of £100 and 100% bingo bonus to a maximum of £50.

We are then given instructions as to how to claim the bonus.

The confusion comes from the special terms and conditions listed at the bottom of the letter because if this cash was real cash, why are there limitations?

Bonus Limitations At UK Bingo

The T&C’s state the following:

  1. This personal onetime offer is valid between April 6th and April 18th, 2018 23:59 GMT.
  2. The £6.44 is a free real cash login bonus, if no login has been made on your account before April 18th, 2018 23:59 GMT, the free real cash login bonus will be forfeited and set to nil.

If it were cash that we had remaining in our account, surely then the site could not remove it?

Maybe it is just a marketing tool to reengage players with the brand after it had been taken over by a new owner.

We’re not complaining though, we headed to UK Bingo, played through our free spins, bingo tickets and free cash login bonus. We didn’t get lucky but had a good time!

Visit: UK Bingo

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