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Jackpot Joy On The Box

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Mar. 17th 2018 7:21 AM

It was only recently that Jackpot Joy made some changes to their site, dropping the cash match bonus on a new players first deposit in favour of 30 spins on the popular slot Double Bubble. Well Paddy McGuinness is keeping the promotional momentum going and is currently offering you the chance to win one of five state of the art televisions in his On The Box promotion.

It all kicked off on March 12th but don’t worry, you have until March 19th to meet all the qualifying requirements at Jackpot Joy and secure your entry into the draw. Doing so is really easy and the first thing you have to achieve is to have spent £30 at the site between now and the closing date. Then you have to get your thinking caps on!

Please note that this promotion ends on 19th March 2018

On The Box Quiz At Jackpot Joy

You could answer the questions on the quiz AND THEN spend the qualifying amount at Jackpot Joy if you wish, but that is up to you. There are six questions on the special promotional page at Jackpot Joy and if you get four of the six correct, your name is in the Box Bonanza Draw.

If you’re a TV addict then you will probably whizz through the quiz but for those who don’t watch much TV, a scout around the Internet will turn up the answers.

Here are the questions so you can prepare, although it is not timed:

  1. When Ted explains to Dougal “these are small, those are far away” in Father Ted, which animal figurine is he holding?
  2. Where was Dawn French’s Vicar live filmed?
  3. What solid gold object do Wayne and Waynetta slob have in their flat in Harry Enfield and Chums when they win the lottery?
  4. Which game-changing reality show started in 2000?
  5. Pick the moustache that is worn by Hercule Poirot, played by David Suchet.
  6. What was the name of the coffee shop in Friends?

Under each question are four cards, you just have to pick the one with the right answer on.

How well do you think you would do?


Jackpot Joy - On The Box

T&C’s taken from the Jackpot Joy promotional page

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