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Win The Ads At 32Red Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Mar. 10th 2018 7:27 AM

If you’re a fan of Saturday night television then there is a good chance that you have tuned in to watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. During the show one person has the chance to win all of the items from a commercial break in a game called Win The Ads. What you may not know is that 32Red Bingo runs a similar game at their site! This promotion has been running since November 2017 but we have just under a month left of the promotion if you fancy playing along.

The special prize game plays on a Saturday night, as you might have expected. It starts at 10p on the dot and tickets for the game cost 40p each or you can win them by playing special Win The Ads games throughout the week in the Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway Room. Any tickets won will be credited 15 minutes before the game starts.

Please note that this promotion ends on 5th April 2018

Getting In On The Winning Action At 32Red Bingo

The Win The Ads game at 32Red Bingo is guaranteed to pay out £500 split as follows:

  • One line for £100
  • Two lines for £150
  • Full house for £250

But there is more, at least for the players who win bingo on any numbers ending with a two or three, e.g. 02, 03, 12, 13, 22, 23. They will win a tangible prize! The prizes are better for the numbers that end in a two, not so great for those that finish with a three.

The number you really want to win the full house on is the number 32 because this boasts the top prize of £32,000!

The Prizes From 32Red Bingo

Below is the table of prizes available if you do win on a number ending in two or three in the Win The Ads game at 32Red Bingo:

Winning Number Special Prize
2 Large Flat Screen TV worth £499+
3 Toilet Roll
12 £100 Cash
13 Bar of Soap
22 £200 Shopping Spree
23 Tin of Dog Food
**32** **£32,000 Cash Jackpot**
33 Tooth Brush
42 Two Night Hotel Escape For Two worth £179
43 Bottle of Fabric Conditioner
52 Laptop Computer worth £399+
53 Packet of Popcorn
62 £100 Restaurant Voucher
63 Loaf of Bread
72 £250 Cash!
73 Bar of Chocolate
82 Magnum of Champagne worth £100
83 Washing Up Liquid

Will you please playing along? We’ve got our eye on the big money jackpot!


32Red Bingo - Win The Ads

T&C’s taken from the 32Red Bingo promotional page

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