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Amorous Adventures At Treasure Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Feb. 26th 2018 4:00 AM

Do you love a bit of actions? Are you one of these people that are not happy unless they are running a marathon, climbing a mountain or doing something equally dramatic? The Treasure Bingo pirates are a lucky bunch as they get their adrenalins fix through their day job, but they appreciate that their lucky roomies might need a little encouragement, and this has led to their Amorous Adventures promotion.

This exciting new promotion from Treasure is running until 10pm on Sunday 4th March, where it ends in a prize filled 90-ball bingo game. You can join in the fun from the comfort of your favourite armchair with your laptop on your knee or whilst you are chilling out down the pub thanks to their mobile bingo platform, and you can log in with your existing account details.


Pick Your Adventure At Treasure Bingo

The lucky winners of Treasure Bingo‘s Amorous Adventures game will share £450 worth of Virgin Experience Day vouchers between them to fund three fun-packed adventures:

  • Full House – The Crystal Maze Live Experience worth £200
  • Two Lines – Zip Trekking Adventure for Two at Go Ape worth £150
  • One Line – Western Adventure Riding Day worth £100

They do however appreciate that not everyone in life likes living on the edge, so if you win, you can spend your vouchers on whatever adventure you like. This could be an afternoon tea with granny, a hot-air balloon with your nearest and dearest or even a weekend city break to watch a show at the theatre; it’s totally up to you! There is a third option too, as you can also opt to take the value of any prize you might win as real cash instead, and once it has been credited to your account, you can withdraw it.

Taking Part At Treasure Bingo

On the night of the big game, you can play with a minimum of 1 card or up to a maximum of 96 if you can afford it. Cards are available for just 10p each from the Treasure Bingo lobby and can be pre-purchased at any time. The benefit of this is if you can’t get online to play live on the night, they will automatically be played for you, meaning you could win a prize regardless of what you are doing at the time.

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