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New To 15 Network – Coffee Break Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Feb. 20th 2018 7:23 AM

Coffee Break Bingo

15 Network Launch
Coffee Break Bingo

There are some new bingo sites that simply launch with no fanfare and actually, don’t even hit our radar until months after they have opened. Coffee Break Bingo is one such brand! According to various sources, this site opened in November 2017 but here we are in February and we only stumbled on the fact that it was open when looking into the reappearance of the Newbie Room on the 15 Network!

Coffee Break Bingo looks like many of the other sites available on the 15 Network but whilst others have followed the recent request to remove certain titles for landing pages, this new site still shows Fluffy Favourites and Sugar Train under their Hot Slots section.

This could just be an oversight and there may be a slight update to the design in the not too distant future.

Not The First Coffee Break Bingo

This is not the first time that there has been a Coffee Break Bingo available to online bingo players. There was a previous incarnation of this name under the Mail Bingo site when it was around until November 2011.

Old Coffee Break Bingo - Ad

Coffee Break Bingo is owned by Oxon Press, the people who are responsible for Simply Prizes, and before it’s closure, Simply Bingo.

Welcome Package From Coffee Break Bingo

As a new player to Coffee Break Bingo, a £10 deposit with the site will earn you all of the following rewards:

  1. Access to the Newbies Free Bingo room for 31 days*
  2. A spin of the Mega Wheel**

*The Newbies Free Bingo room is open daily from 8pm until 11pm. Please note that the banner in the lobby suggest access is only available for seven days whilst the promotional page states 31! Just another example of how the little details have no importance across this network.

Coffee Break Bingo - Free Bingo

**The Mega Wheel spin will earn you up to 500 free spins on Fluffy Favourites but you could also win nothing. More often than not, the result of a wheel spin is 20 Fluffy Favourite spins.

We’re not enthralled by the new site, in fact it would be fair to say we have lost all faith in the network as a whole and by the lack of bingo players in the rooms, we’d suggest we aren’t the only ones.

That said, don’t take our word for it. Pop along and see what you think of Coffee Break Bingo.

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