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Marvin’s Motivator At Monkey Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jan. 29th 2018 4:44 AM

Christmas and the New Year are well and truly out of the way now, but if you are anything like us, you are probably still feeling the effects. We all tend to over-indulge a bit over the festive season and end up putting on a few pounds. Now is the time to tackle it though, before the shorts and t-shirt weather returns and Monkey Bingo are here to lend a hand with their Marvin’s Motivator promotion.

Don’t worry, they are not expecting you to slip into your Lycra and start working out between bingo games. They have instead lined up a superb 90-ball Marvin’s Motivator game and packed it full of keep fit related prizes for the lucky winners, and joining in the fun is so easy, you won’t even work up a sweat by taking part!


Get Motivated At Monkey Bingo

This big game is all set to take place at 9pm on Wednesday 31st January and it’s available both online and on your mobile phone, so you have no excuse for not logging in. You can play with 1 to 96 cards and they are available for just 10p each from the Monkey Bingo lobby. If you are not sure if you’ll be free on the night, don’t worry, as any cards you pre-purchase will automatically played for you.

Keep Fit At Monkey Bingo

The site has lined up £370 worth of prizes for the winners of their Marvin’s Motivator game. The full house winner will be riding into 2018 on a mountain bike worth £160, the two-line winner will be jumping for joy on their Domyo’s trampoline and net which is worth £120, and the one-line winner will be bulking up thanks to a Domyo’s weight bench worth £90. If none of these prizes appeal to you, then you can take its value in real cash instead.

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