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New Look Iceland Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Saturday, Nov. 25th 2017 4:36 AM

Has your mum been to Iceland Bingo recently? If she has then is no doubt still raving about their new look. Their old site and its orange colour scheme was starting to look a tad dated, but we are glad to say that is now a thing of the past, and it has been replaced with a more modern design that is pleasing to the eye.

The new Iceland Bingo homepage is bright and welcoming, and everything you could possible need is just a mouse click away. The cartoon style graphics have gone, in favour of bold blocks of colour detailing their latest games and promotions along with an impressive welcome offer. They have even done away with the old logo, and in its place, you’ll find a curvier and more stylish proposition.

Iceland Bingo On TV

To celebrate the launch of their new look site, Iceland Bingo have a brand new, twenty second television advert too. Whist it may not set the world on fire, or win any Oscars, it is well made and does exactly what it needs to do. it starts with two people sitting in a cafe discussing the new look site as they scroll through the pages looking thoroughly entertained and impressed.

Iceland Bingo Anywhere

As the Iceland Bingo advert progresses, we are introduced to a few more of their roomies, all waxing lyrical about how good the new site is and how happy they are with all the new features. They then go on to discuss that you can even play on their mobile phone or tablet device thanks to the mobile bingo software. Before the advert ends, we see more from the welcome offers available if you register now, along with details of their latest jackpots and promotions, and we must admit, we like what we saw!

Visit: Iceland Bingo

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