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Win Mulberry Handbag At Bid Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Oct. 10th 2017 6:31 AM

When it comes to the disposable income that we have at the end of each month, many of us (especially those with children) don’t consider treating ourselves or our partners to a designer handbag. It’s a luxury item and the chances are that you have more pressing things to spend your money on. A £425 price tag is not one that many would splash the cash for, at least not a handbag. A 50p price tag would be more acceptable and within most people’s budgets and that’s what you’ll pay for your chance to win at Bid Bingo today!

Up for grabs in the 9pm game under the ‘Specials’ tab at Bid Bingo is a £425 Mulberry Satchel and whilst we wouldn’t consider buying one, at 50p a ticket for the chance to win one, we’ll see you in the room!


Bid Bingo Link Game

You can buy tickets for this game right up until 10 seconds before the game starts. Just head to Bid Bingo and the lobby, locate the specials tab and then you will see the game. Enter the room and buy as many 50p tickets as your budget will allow for and then hope that Lady Luck is by your side!

To be the winner you have to be the first player to call bingo on the letter H (for handbag) pattern. If there is just one winner, they take the prize, but if multiple players call house on the same number, the cash value of the prize will be shared.

This promotional game is being played across three sites only; Bid Bingo, BingoZino and Chit Chat Bingo so your chances of being a winner are quite good! When we checked earlier today, just 11 players had tickets!

Good luck if you do choose to play.

Terms and Conditions

The T&C’s of this promotion are as follows:

Big Bingo - Mulberry Handbag

T&C’s taken from Bid Bingo promotions page
Promotion expires 10th October 2017 at 21:10

Visit: Bid Bingo

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