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Paddy McGuiness Outs Barbara Windsor At Jackpot Joy

Posted by Nickie on: Friday, Sep. 15th 2017 7:47 AM

Over the years we have seen a number of celebrities take centre stage in an online bingo commercial, and with some sites, more than one celeb has been seen on the screen for the same brand. However, when others have used multiple celebrities in one advert, they’ve usually been Z-listers. Not Jackpot Joy though, there new commercial has two well-known faces in!

When we first heard the news that Paddy McGuinness was recording a new commercial for Jackpot Joy, we thought the emphasis was going to be on the Take Me Out themed bingo game. This is not the case, far from it. It looks as though this much-loved northerner is going to be the face of the brand, at least for a while.

A Loss For Jackpot Joy?

Some might consider the change to be a loss for Jackpot Joy, Barbara Windsor has been the Queen of Bingo for quite a while now. We don’t, we love the storyboard for the new commercial and when we visited the site today, we liked seeing Paddy McGuinness on the home page.

His pearly whites shining out from the iridescent blue background…. (I say we, but I’m not sure the boys in the team feel the same way!)

The New Commercial From Jackpot Joy

As if having Paddy to ogle at on the page wasn’t enough, there is also the new commercial from the site and we loved it!

It starts with a blue door and the hand of the Queen of Bingo knocking the knocker. Paddy opens the door and greets her with “Your Majesty!”.

Barbara then says “I hear you are after my crown”, he responds “Mi casa, su casa” as she squeezes past him in her regalia.

We could run through the whole storyboard but we think it would be better if you just watched the commercial.

Click the image below to view:

Visit: Jackpot Joy

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