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The Bandit Sinks The Battleships At Tombola

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Sep. 2nd 2017 7:19 AM

Tombola is well known for it’s innovation and unique games and we have always been big fans of what it has to offer. However, there was once a time that Tombola rolled out a new game every couple of months but it would appear that those efforts are now being concentrated on their Arcade offering.

We’ve seen nothing new (other than the daily free game that changes intermittently) for quite some time from Tombola. Even sadder news is that soon we’re to lose two of the most established games at the site! Battleships and Bandits are soon to be removed from the suite of games that are on offer at the site.

Tombola Removes Bandit And Battleships</h2?

A visit to Tombola revealed the news about the impending closure of the two games in the following notification on the home page.

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce the closure of a couple of our oldest games.

As of 28th Sept Battleships and Bandit will be headed off to enjoy their retirement on the South coast, enjoying a couple of afternoon gins and whiling the hours away shouting at daytime T.V.

Good luck sinking those ships and heading up the leaderboard until then!

A Little More About The Games

Battleships takes on similar rules to the board game that you might recall from your childhood.

Place for Battleships around the board and as coordinates are called, they drop into the ocean, or blow up a part of a ship. If you sink all the Battleships first, you’re a game winner.

Bandit is a slot, as the name might have suggested to you already. However, unlike other slots you have to pay just one price for 15 spins. Each spin will earn you points dependent on the symbol combination that is spun in.

Score the most points and you’re a winner.

We’ll miss both the games, will you? Remember, you have until 28th September to play them.

Visit: Tombola

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