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WTG Bingo Launches On 15 Network

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Jul. 20th 2017 7:56 AM

It’s been a little while since we saw a new brand launch on the 15 Network, the people behind the network look to be concentrating their efforts on slots of late. However, a couple of weeks ago we saw WTG Bingo join the ranks but whilst it is a new site, there is nothing exciting about it. It’s for this reason we haven’t rushed to bring it to your attention because actually, this site is just like many of the others, the only difference being the design.

Where some brands on the network (Rocket and Lollipop to name a couple) make a bit of effort to stand out from the crowd, WTG Bingo doesn’t appear to have made any effort at all. Even the design is rather dull and uninteresting.

However, there are some players online today who love the Jumpman Gaming software, so if that’s you, then this article may hold some appeal!

WTG Bingo Not A First

This brand is not the first to opt to use one of the popular bingo initialisms / acronyms but whilst we may have seen LMAO Bingo and BOGOF Bingo, we’ve yet to come across the likes of GL Bingo, and LOL Bingo. That’s not to say they aren’t coming soon!

Welcome From WTG Bingo

As we said at the start, there isn’t anything new available from the site but you can claim the usual cash match bonus as a new player to the site. As is the case with all brands on the 15 Network you will get a 200% cash match bonus on your initial deposit of £10 AND a spin of the bonus wheel.

The bonus wheel spin could earn you between £5 and £2,500 but usually we have found that it’s a £10 extra bonus revealed by the spin.

Whilst we may not been keen to wax lyrical about the new site, that’s not to say it won’t hold appeal for some players.

Visit: WTG Bingo

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