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Prepare Yourself For Big Boy Bingo!

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Jun. 15th 2017 7:46 AM

Big Boy Bingo

Big Boy Bingo
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a time we have referred to the names of new bingo sites as ‘scrapping the bingo barrel’ but the latest brand name to reach our ears has us sat at our desks with our heads in our hands, after we had facepalmed ourselves! The name, and we’ll just leave it sitting here for a bit, is BIG BOY BINGO….

If you were from California, you could be forgiven for thinking that the popular fast food resturant, Big Boy, had chosen to diversify into online bingo. We’re not in California, we’re in the UK and the words ‘big boy’ have many different connotations, some of which are a bit near the knuckle.

What We Know About Big Boy Bingo

We know very little about Big Boy Bingo other than it is expected to hit the online bingo scene in August 2017, it will be launched on the Dragonfish network powered by their new HTML5 software and is owned by Sunshine Digital Media.

Sunshine Digital Media are the people responsible for recently launched Lucy Bingo as well as Welcome, Peeps and Good Day Bingo. Each of the brands have quite decent welcome bonuses for their players, we’re expecting to see the same from the new site.

  • Lucy Bingo – launched June 2017 – £10 free play + 500% cash match bonus + 25 free slot spins
  • Good Day Bingo – launched February 2017 – £10 free play + 500% cash match bonus
  • Peeps Bingo – re-launched in October 2016 – £5 free play + 5 free spins + 300% cash match + 25 free spins
  • Welcome Bingo – launched in February 2016 – £10 free play + 300% cash match bonus

Reaction To The Big Boy Bingo Name

We took to Facebook to see if we were the only ones thinking that this was a rather odd choice of name for a new bingo site and below are a couple of examples of the responses we got:

“Oooh I say you’re a big boy!” So camp, made me think of a Dick Emery saying. It’s not a bingo site name, but there again might be worth a look!

Tiny Tim could play there, hes a big boy, he’s 3 nearly 6

Sounds like a swingers party!

None of the comments were overly favourable to the name of this new site, what do you think of it? Does the name Big Boy Bingo make you want to play at the site?

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