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Foxy Zero Vanishes!

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, May. 18th 2017 7:05 AM

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Foxy Zero
Closes Down

Over the last few months we have seen many changes to popular brands under the Cashcade / bwin.Party hat. The changes include a change of mascot at Foxy Bingo and Casino, a makeover for Cheeky Bingo and today, we have found the Foxy Zero is no more!

Foxy Zero launched a few months after Cheeky Bingo opened in February 2009 so has been around for quite some time. However, whilst it may have been around a while, in all that time is has always been in the shadows when compared to the likes of Cheeky and Foxy Bingo. You only had to look at the overall design of the site before it closed to see that it had gathered dust. Where the main Foxy brand had received a swish new look, Zero aged.

Is Foxy Zero A Loss To Players?

According to a group of players, the site actually closed in April of this year but we only found this out by accident rather than a big news report or notification from the site. We think that in itself is an indication of how little an impact the closure has / will have.

The email that was disseminated to players said:

Dear [username removed],

We’re very sorry to announce that we will be shutting down Foxy Zero on Wednesday 5th April 2017.

We hope you have enjoyed your time at Foxy Zero and we’re pleased to tell you that you can stay in the Foxy family by playing on our fantastic Foxy Bingo site. Foxy Bingo not only boasts great bingo rooms and games, it is also a fun and social environment.

If you have a positive cash balance in your account please contact and we shall deal with your request promptly.

Best Wishes,

The Foxy Zero Team

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