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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough At Sing Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Apr. 17th 2017 3:10 AM

Bingo Starr is an international rock star as well as running a hugely successful Sing Bingo. As you can imagine, this can be stressful at times, so every now and then he likes to get away from it all to somewhere quiet where he can commune with nature. He wants to share this pass time with his lucky roomies, so has lined up a fantastic ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ promotion.

This 75 ball Sing Bingo game is taking place at 11pm on Monday 1st May. The games lucky winner will walk away with a £300 Inspire travel voucher to fund a relaxing four-day break in Snowdonia, complete with high mountains, low valleys and wide rivers! If nature is not really your thing, don’t worry because you can spend the voucher on a wide choice of holidays or just take £300 real cash if you prefer.

Qualifying Games At Sing Bingo

You can take part in the big game with a maximum of 96 cards and play either online or on your mobile phone. As usual, Sing Bingo are giving you the opportunity to win cards, but instead of playing slots games, this time around you’ll need to play in qualifying games that are running four times a day:

6pm Game:

  • Cards – 1p each
  • Full House Prize – 5 cards
  • 1TG and 2TG Prizes – 1 card each

8pm Game:

  • Cards – 3p each
  • Full House Prize – 15 cards
  • 1TG and 2TG Prizes – 3 cards each

9:30pm Game:

  • Cards – 5p each
  • Full House Prize – 40 cards
  • 1TG and 2TG Prizes – 5 cards each

10:30pm Game:

  • Cards – 10p each
  • Full House Prize – 96 cards
  • 1TG and 2TG Prizes – 10 cards each

You can also trade in every 10 of your Diamonds for 1 card in the Diamond Club, or purchase them for £2 each from the Sing Bingo lobby.


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