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IP&S Brands Bite The Bingo Dust

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Mar. 23rd 2017 7:43 AM


Site Closures

IP&S is probably a name that means absolutely nothing to you, and for those who are currently scratching their heads, it is a company that operates a number of bingo brands online. The most famous of those brands is probably Bingo Godz or Health Bingo but there are several currently under their hat.

Bingo Stars was their inaugural site powered by the Bede Gaming software, and some of the other names, Crown Bingo, Bingo Loopy, Bingos etc. were powered by the Virtue Fusion software. That was until a recent move to their own proprietary software that already hosted Bingo Stars. However, whilst many made the transition, some didn’t make the cut and have subsequently closed.

IP&S Closed Sites

The sites that have closed are Bingo Friends, Crazy Bingo, Bingo Today and Simply Bingo. However, whilst the former three brands boast a notice that says:


Sorry, Crazy Bingo has now closed.
If you have any queries about a Crazy Bingo account, please contact

Simply Bingo has a bit more to offer it would seem! Their message is that they will be back soon, bigger and better than before if the text on the page they have linked to is to be believed!

On the linked page they have a little pop at IP&S, or is it Virtue Fusion, by saying

It will have many features that Simply Bingo, with its old software, just couldn’t offer, including a mobile version.

They continue by talking about welcome offers and other deals but most interesting was that they refer to a new bingo service. We’re hoping it’s a new platform, a new gaming experience and not just a skin on a network we already know.

Sadly we do think that it’s likely to be a skin rather than a whole new bingo experience but watch this space for further updates!

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