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Gamble Aware Launch Online Campaign

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Mar. 9th 2017 7:09 AM


Gamble Aware
Online Campaign

When it comes to responsible gambling, we have seen many changes in the world of online bingo over the years. As time progresses we see more and more tools made available to players to ensure that they gamble responsibly and in January 2015, the Senet Group launched a TV campaign to further strengthen people’s understanding of gambling responsibly.

Earlier in the year we saw Gamble Aware launch an online campaign called BeGambleAware and in comparison with the Senet Group campaign, BeGambleAware is far more sinister and dark. Often this sort of advertising can be harder hitting and as a result, have a longer last impact on the viewer.

Bingo Campaign From Gamble Aware

There are actually two commercials, one centres on a fruit machine whilst the other, more apt for our readership, focuses on online bingo. It is this that we are looking at in this article.

There’s a definite feeling of turmoil when you watch the clip, it’s so well done that you can feel the internal battle the gambler is having with herself.

It’s great how the main character, the person doing all the talking, is positioned where the gamblers laptop would be and it was certainly impressive casting by the creators of the BeGambleAware campaign. The main character is both sinister and friendly in equal measures with a little bit of ‘serial killer’ thrown in for good measure.

For the bingo campaign, he is sat on her table and relentlessly goads her whilst encouraging her to play at the same time. As he speaks, the young girl fidgets uncomfortably on the bed, clearly trying to fight the urge to play.

The words, the tone of voice, the general demeanour of the main character all do their job perfectly and result in the gambler logging in to her favourite bingo site.

The Gamble Aware Bingo Clip

Take five minutes, watch the clip and if you have any concerns about your own gambling habits then visit

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