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The V10 At Virgin Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Feb. 18th 2017 7:51 AM

Whilst many bingo sites have focused their promotional efforts on Valentine’s Day in February, Virgin Bingo brought something different to the table by way of their V10 promotion. This offer kicked off at the beginning of the month and whilst we’re now at the 18th, there is still plenty of opportunity to get involved.

Getting involved at this late stage simply means that you won’t have as many entries into the prize draw as you would have if you got involved from the 1st of the month. That said, you only need one entry to be a winner of some great prizes at Virgin Bingo so get started on your V10 journey today.

Every day that you wager 1p cash at Virgin Bingo you will earn prize draw entries and community points draw entries. The more consecutive days you play, the better the number of entries.

Draw Entries At Virgin Bingo

This is the schedule of entries but please remember, if you’re only just getting involved, the maximum you will be able to earn is 11 days of entries.

Number of Active Days Prize Draw Entries Community Points
1 1 1
2 2 4
3 3 4
4 5 9
5 7 9
6 11 16
7 14 16
8 20 25
9 24 25
10 32 36
11 37 36
12 47 49
13 53 49
14 65 64
15 72 64
16 86 81
17 94 81
18 110 100
19 119 100
20 137 121
21 147 121
22 167 144
23 178 144
24 200 169
25 212 169
26 236 196
27 249 196
28 275 225

The Prizes From Virgin Bingo

The best part of this promotion are the number of prizes that are being given away. There are literally hundreds to be won! You may however have missed out on some if you are joining in at such a late stage because it is dependent on the prize level that the promotion is at on a daily basis.

That said, there’s still the chance to win the top prize of the trip for you and three friends to Vegas!

It’s the community meter that determines which prize draw will be taking place and once it reaches each individual level, the next draw will happen the following day. Draws for level one to four have already taken place so these prizes have been one already:

  • 100 x £75 cash prizes
  • 50 x Luxury UK spa breaks
  • A double V* Points day for everyone
  • An exclusive slot release
  • 300 x £150 cash prizes
  • 25 x balloon ride vouchers for two
  • Triple V*points

The following prizes remain from Level 8 upwards:


Level 8: 15 x £2,000 Virgin Holiday vouchers

Level 9: 25 x £3,000 cash prizes

Level 10: Trip for four to Las Vegas

Full details of the top prize can be found on the dedicated promotional page at Virgin Bingo.

Visit: Virgin Bingo


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