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Bongo’s Bingo Still Going Strong

Posted by Gareth on: Saturday, Feb. 18th 2017 10:14 AM

A while back we commented on the ‘fad’ of bingo events in night clubs. We use the word fad because at the time it did on face value appear to be something that would not last.

A couple of years on, and bingo club nights are still going strong. OK, so it’s not bingo as we know it, but, it is still bingo(ish). It is however keeping the word in the national consciousness, and more importantly, in the minds of the young, who are potential bingo players of the future.

When they settle down, give up the pills, and finally come to the conclusion that they may be getting too old to rave (some don’t, mind you), is it possible that the memory of bingo nights will drive them through the doors of their local bingo hall? This is of course presuming there will be any bingo halls left in the future.

Bingo has been around in one form or another for a long time, however, it was only in the sixties that it really took off as a national pastime. Mind you, that’s fifty years the bingo industry has survived albeit on a bit of a tightrope over the past couple of decades.

So, bingo has been doing well all things considered. The fate of the local pub has been under attack particularly over the last decade. Like bingo, the threat (apart from taxation) may be down to online activity. The Netflix generation is slowly socially atrophying on a big, comfy, but perhaps lonely sofa.

Perhaps today’s ravers may one day realise that its time to get out of the house, and go somewhere social (without any ‘chemical assistance’). And maybe, just maybe the bingo hall could be where they are heading. More

Could these bingo nights possibly be one of the factors that will help bingo survive into the 22nd century? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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