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Posted by Gareth on: Friday, Feb. 17th 2017 11:02 AM

It’s love week! St. Valentine’s Day may have passed, but surely ‘amour’ deserves more than a paltry day to celebrate the union of souls! So we thought we’d continue the celebrations with a couple of bingo romance stories to warm your cockles. With thousands of people playing bingo in halls across the country every night it’s inevitable that eyes will meet across crowded tables and nature will take its course.

Two couples who met at the bingo have celebrated meeting at the bingo in their own special way this week. Read on with a Kleenex handy!

Katherine Jackson and John Reynolds met in 2014 at Mecca Bingo Hall on Garrick Parade in Southport. They celebrated St Valentines day by marking off a few books in the hall where their eyes first met. Mind you, although it may have been love at first sight, it took a few weeks for Katherine to make the first move on John.

Both John and Katherine had been widowed and single for several years, but after a little chat and an apres bingo drink the foundations were laid for a romance that still goes strong 3 years later. The pair had been entered in a Mecca Bingo national competition to find a bingo true love story by Katherine’s daughter Lisa and John’s sister Lynda. Mecca kindly gave them flowers and chocolates to round off the romantic evening. More.

Another couple who also met at a bingo hall in 2014 are Tina Oddy and Mike Hill. They even visited the hall on their wedding day to celelbrate the venue that brought them together. For many newlyweds the day of their nuptials is spent in a country manor, but Tina Oddy and Mike Hill chose to visit Mecca Bingo in Taunton.

Mike was working as a caller when he first clapped eyes on bingo regular Tina. Tina was no pushover though, and it took a while for Mike to convince her that he was the guy for her. The ultimate result of his constant wooing is a great example of the power of persistence! He even proposed to her in the venue, and is grateful to his friends at Mecca for helping out with his surprise proposal. Mike has now quit the calling due to poor health, but it sounds like he certainly got his prize jackpot! More.

These are just two of what we are guessing to be many bingo romance stories. Do you have a story to tell, or do you know of a couple who met in a bingo hall and are still blissfully entwined? If you do we’d love to hear from you, just leave a comment below. Happy Valentine’s week everyone.

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