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Age Verification With Blighty Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Feb. 14th 2017 7:01 AM

Blighty Bingo brought something new and different to the bingo table when it launched recently. The most obvious was the change in welcome bonus structure, offering free bingo tickets and free spins that carried no wagering requirements. In addition to this, there was a new look lobby and new games rooms.

However, the new features didn’t stop there. Blighty Bingo has also introduced a compulsory age verification process for new players. This comes in to play the moment that you make your first deposit and from that point you have just three days, 72 hours, to provide details of your passport or driving licence number via the online system.

After this time, if you have not contacted support or provided the information within that time period, your account will be blocked.

Information Request From Blighty Bingo

Below is a screenshot taken from Blighty Bingo when we deposited with the site for the first time.

Dragonfish Account - Block

When you choose the Verify Now option, you have a choice of Passport or Driving Licence and the examples shown below indicate the numbers that they require from you.

Dragonfish ID Options

It’s a nifty little tool, and not one that you can bypass or avoid, or even trick with some made up numbers.

However, not all players have a passport or driving licence so your first port of call would then be support. We telephoned to check what would happen if neither option was available to you but spent 20 minutes on hold without anyone answering our call and gave up!

We checked at another new site that recently launched on the Dragonfish network not long after Blightly Bingo opened, but this feature had not been implemented there.

Account Verification At Other Dragonfish Sites

Account verification is something we all have to do if ever we are lucky enough to be able to withdraw from any online bingo site. At the Dragonfish sites you have the option to upload your scanned images from the cashier if you so wish.

This new age verification just appears to be an extra level of security.

Visit: Blighty Bingo

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