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A Great Welcome From Bumble Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Feb. 9th 2017 7:02 AM

Bumble Bingo joined the ranks of the Dragonfish network just before Christmas 2016 and at first glance, looks like a number of others that we had seen prior to its launch. It’s often hard to get excited about something you have seem multiple times previously but then a little something landed on our doormat and we were buzzing!

We’d registered and deposited a few times with Bumble Bingo at launch but hadn’t been back for a few weeks. Yesterday a little package was delivered from this new bingo site and to say we were impressed would be an understatement. What we received was very apt, it was a candle making kit complete with instructions, bees wax, wick and ribbon and two bumble bee pins.

Thanks Bumble Bingo, We’re Buzzing!

It all arrived in a very inconspicuous box so we were excited as to what it might be. When the box was opened, at first we thought ‘more bonus codes or paper to dispose of’ but then the red tissue paper suggested something more interesting.

After unfolding the red paper, we found some small sheets of bees wax, wick, ribbon and complete instructions as shown below:

Bumble Bingo Candle Kit

Following the instructions we made two of the candles and this is how they turned out:

Bumble Bingo Candles

We’re quite pleased with them!

Great Marketing Bumble Bingo

So what have Bumble Bingo achieved by sending us this candle making kit? Firstly, we’ve spent a bit of time this morning thinking about the brand as we made our candles. Secondly, the candles are sat in the office and each time we look at them, we’ll think of where they originated. This keeps the brand fresh in your mind and for us, will certainly mean a return visit if we are in the mood for a little Dragonfish bingo action.

The main achievement has been that is has created a stronger connection between player and brand. Well done Bumble Bingo!


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