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Dragonfish Closed All My Accounts

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Jan. 28th 2017 7:27 AM


Close Accounts

On 26th January at 8am in the morning I logged into my Bumble Bingo account to check my balance. I had £30 cash. I then went about my day preparing news about bingo for various sources before checking my emails at about 3pm. It was then I noticed a number of emails from various Dragonfish sites with the subject title Account Deactivation Notice.

As a bingo writer, I’ve reported on a number of players who have had their accounts closed by Cassava and predominantly this has always been because of what has been considered bonus abuse. This does not appear to be the case in this situation. My account usage for Dragonfish brands usually consists of registration, a £10 deposit to check the bonuses available for reviews and our bonus pages, and that’s it.

Deactivation Notice From Dragonfish

On opening one, it read

Dear Nicola

This is the Bingo Security Team, we are contacting you in regards to your Dabber Bingo account with username “[I have removed this for security purposes]”.

As this account is related to other accounts that have been closed across our network for Responsible Gaming reasons, such as Self Exclusion, we have temporarily suspended your membership.

You can contact us regarding your account status to discuss this further, or once the Self Exclusion period has expired.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Bingo Security Department

Access To Dragonfish Accounts Blocked

I then tried to access my Bumble Bingo account only to be presented with the following notice:

Account Closure Notice

I racked my brains, when did I self-excluded from any product from Cassava? Then it twigged, a number of years ago I had an account with 888 Casino and chose to self-exclude because I had an issue with withdrawals.

I have a number of issues with these closures, the first being that I still have money in some of them. The second is the date that I am able to access them again – 24th November 1963. Last time I checked, a time travel machine had not been invented but I will try and contact Dr. Emmett Brown and see if I can borrow the DeLorean!

Of course, there are other problems, namely that I need to access accounts in order to bring our readers details of site changes, promotional offers etc.

Dealing With The Dragonfish Issue

My first port of call was the Helpline. I called 0800 901 2510 and spoke to a lady there. It was she that informed me that the accounts were closed due to a request for self-exclusion at an associated site.

When pressed as to which site, she had no further details but would email the Bingo Security Team who would contact me within 72 hours.

Whilst I am the first to support responsible gambling what I don’t understand is the closure of all accounts after a self-exclusion implemented a number of years ago. Has there been a change to the regulation?

Currently, I am awaiting updates but if you have suffered the same fate as me from the Dragonfish network, I’d love to hear from you.

I will keep this page updated with the outcome of contact with Bingo Security.

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