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Linked And Loaded At Cupcake Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jan. 16th 2017 4:40 AM

If you have a sweet tooth for online bingo, you might want to check out the platter set out at Cupcake Bingo. Being part of a network allows them to offer you a menu that is pack full of tasty promotions and jackpots. It does not matter whether you prefer 75 ball or 90 ball either, as there is something for everyone, including their linked and loaded games.

Cupcake Bingo’s Linked and Loaded games see them join forces with other brands such as Robin Hood Bingo, Gossip Bingo and Silk Bingo to name but a few. Their 75 ball linked games run between 3pm and 11pm each day in the Live Bingo room, with games starting 90 seconds after the previous one ends. Cards will cost you just 10p each and there are even prizes for the unfortunate 1TG and 2TG players.

Jackpots Galore From Cupcake Bingo

The number of Cupcake Bingo players taking part in the 75 ball Linked and Loaded games will determine the final prize money. The full house winner will receive 60% of the prize money, with 25% being split between the 1TG players and the remaining 15% going to all the 2TG players. If you prefer 90 ball bingo, you’ll have to play between 7pm and 11pm. These games start every six minutes and cards will cost you just 5p each.

Guaranteed Jackpots At Cupcake Bingo

If you fancy getting your hands on larger prize pots, then make sure you take the time to check out Cupcake Bingo’s many guaranteed jackpot games. On the third Wednesday of every Month they give away £5,000 through their Penny Bonanza game and there is £10,000 up for grabs on the last Friday of each month through the Big 10 game. In addition to this, there is a potential one million jackpot to be won too, but this one does start to slide as more numbers are called.

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