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A Jackpot Start To 2017 At Foxy Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Dec. 22nd 2016 7:13 AM

When it comes to the New Year, many of us start it with a number of resolutions. Usually these have all fallen by the way side by the end of the first week but this year, how about making one that involves getting in on a bit of jackpot action at Foxy Bingo? On New Year’s Day at 7pm that’s exactly what Foxy Bingo has to offer its players with their New Year’s Poppers game.

Tickets are on sale now at a cost of £1 each and for that you get three chances to win a share of £12,000, and multiple chances of taking a slice of the community jackpot on offer at Foxy Bingo. There’s £5,000 in that kitty alone! The total prize pool is a not to be sniffed at £17,000!

Community Jackpot At Foxy Bingo

The community jackpot will be shared amongst all those that get close to bingo but are beaten to the proverbial post by another player, or players. The £5,000 will be shared as follows by those who have 1TG or 2TG when the full house has been called on the 90 ball game:

  • £2,000 will be shared amongst those with 2TG
  • £3,000 will be shared amongst those with 1TG

90 Ball Prize Pot

For the players who get lucky in the main game the money on offer is substantially better. Should more than one player call bingo on the same number, the advertised prize will be split amongst all eligible winners.

  • One line wins £2,000
  • Two lines wins £4,000
  • Full House wins £6,000

The Christmas Market At Foxy Bingo

On Wednesday 14th December the Foxy Bingo Christmas Market opened for business and it’s still there for another few days if you’ve not checked it out. All you have to do is login and claim your prize.

We did just that on 15th December and our prize was six free tickets for the Big Win Friday when we wagered £20 or more on bingo.

Visit: Foxy Bingo

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