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Giftmas Giveaway At Gala Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Dec. 20th 2016 7:04 AM

On 21st November a new promotion got underway at Gala Bingo, the Giftmas Giveaway. This popular online bingo brand has joined forces with to bring you a bevvy of brilliant holidays to be won between now and 25th December.

To get in on the action you simply have to head on over to Gala Bingo and wipe the frosted window on the special promotional page. Doing so will reveal what you have to do to collect your six free tickets for the Giftmas Giveaway game the next day. These take place in the City Room at 10.05pm. The prizes are one line for £50, two lines for £100 and the full house for a special prize.

It is worth noting that in order to claim your six free tickets for the Giftmas Giveaway at Gala Bingo, you do have to be in the room before and during the game.

Wiping The Gala Bingo Window

On 30th November, we wiped the window and our challenge was to do the following:

Use the code DALES and then spend £10 cash on the Emmerdale Bingo game. We then received a £5 Emmerdale Bingo bonus amd free tickets to win a Christmas Hamper.

This is the offer that will also be available on 7th, 14th and 21st December.

The Prizes From

There are still two games where holidays from will be won. Already there has been a holiday to Costa Del Sol, one to Tenerife, another to Lanzarote, a trip to Benidorm and another to Malta given away.

Look out for the window wiping in the Giftmas Giveaway today, because tomorrow there is an all-inclusive holiday to Mexico to be won. On Christmas Eve the window wiping and associated qualifying requirements will earn you six tickets for a game on Christmas Day where a Lapland holiday will be won.

Visit: Gala Bingo

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