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Different Options For Gaming At Costa Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Dec. 15th 2016 7:49 AM

When it comes to the software that powers Costa Bingo and sites like it, we have seen some changes over recent months. There has been an update to the software that makes it look far sleeker and up to date than it did before and whilst it’s really only the aesthetics that have change, the functionality means that you continue to have a great gaming experience.

Costa Bingo have taken things one step further though, and other sites are likely to follow suit in the not too distant future. At Costa you now have to make a choice when you login to play at their site. You’re presented with two different lobby options when you login and click ‘Play Now’, the classic lobby or the newly available tablet lobby.

Just a click of an image will transport you to the lobby of your choice at Costa Bingo, and when you decision is final, click the ‘Don’t Ask Me Again’ option at the bottom of the screen. If you can’t make a choice, don’t tick the box!

Costa Bingo Lobby Choice

The Noticable Differences At Costa Bingo

Of course, we’re used to the ‘classic’ lobby on the BingoS software so we opted for the tablet version and the first thing that you notice is how uncluttered it is. There are no flashing banners or in your face aesthetics, it’s just a plain and simple format for the lobby on this version and in all honesty, it works well.

Instead of the massive selection of different tabs that you’ll find in the ‘classic’ lobby, there are just a few in the tablet lobby. Instead of the tabs differentiating rooms by ticket price, they are by game type in this new lobby option.

Costa Bingo Lobby View

As for the actual game play, things are a little different but only in so far as things like the purchasing options and the look of the tickets. Other than that, things aren’t very different at all.

Costa Bingo Tickets

Which will you be opting for when you visit the site?

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