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Mystical Bingo Exclusive to Sky

Posted by Nickie on: Saturday, Nov. 19th 2016 7:45 AM

It was only a short while ago that we reported on the introduction of an exclusive themed game to Gala Bingo. Today we have news of an addition to Sky Bingo, also an exclusive themed game! Mystical Bingo transports you to a forest full of fairies and offers a progressive jackpot.

When checking out the new game at Sky Bingo, we have to say, it doesn’t have the playability of The Chase at Gala Bingo. In fact, if we were to be brutally honest, it’s a bit dull. It’s like a hybrid of Pulse from Tombola and the Pixie of the Forest slot game but isn’t quite as interesting.

Playing Mystical Bingo

When you opt to play the game you first have to choose which character you wish to be and each has their own value. The more you play for, the higher the prize that you could win at Sky Bingo.

Choosing your character will also change the bugs that represent the games tickets. The correspond with the fairy on the car you opt for.

For each game you can only buy one ticket and these are valued at 25p, 50p, £1 or £2.

When a game is in play there are eight bugs to being with, each bearing a number. As their numbers are called, the bugs fly off the screen.

The game synopsis is:

  • 50 Ball Bingo
  • 25p to £2 cost per ticket
  • Available from 6pm until midnight
  • Progressive community jackpot
  • Exclusive to Sky Bingo

The Game In Play

Here’s the game in play.

Mystical Bingo

Mystical Bingo Progressive Jackpot

The Mystical Bingo progressive jackpot can be won by calling bingo in 20 numbers or less. 50% of the prize pool will go to the player who achieved this, and the remainder will be shared equally amongst those who had tickets for the winning game.

Visit: Sky Bingo

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