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New Cozy Games Sites Launched

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Nov. 17th 2016 7:58 AM

When it comes to new bingo sites, some networks and software providers are more prolific than others when it comes to opening new brands. This is certainly true of the Cozy Games software and the end of October saw the launch of no less than five new sites on this software.

Three of the new Cozy Games sites opted for the Live Bingo Network (LBN), one arrived on the Best Bingo Network (BBN) and the last chose to be part of the smaller Lucky Duck Network (LDN). The brands that opened at the end of last month were Newbies Bingo, Lucky Puppy Bingo and Viva La Bingo on LBN, Igloo Bingo on BBN and Becky’s Bingo on LDN.

Cozy Games Sites Opened In October

Here we give you a little bit of information about each including the most pertinanet details like free money and cash match bonuses.

Igloo Bingo

This site is on the Best Bingo Network and offers £15 free and a 400% cash match bonus on your first deposit. It is the first brand on this network that has launched with exclusive offers and promotions.

Lucky Puppy Bingo

This is one of two sites that have launched on Cozy Games that is owned by 8 Ball Games. It offers £15 and a 350% cash match bonus on your first deposit. The site is part of the Live Bingo Network.

Newbies Bingo

This is another of the three sites that opted for the Cozy Games software on LBN. It offers a £15 free play bonus and a 500% first deposit offer.

Viva La Bingo

The last of the three LBN sites and another that is owned by 8 Ball Games. It also offers a 500% deposit bonus after a £15 free play deal for new players registering to the site.

Becky’s Bingo

This is the site that opted to launch on the Lucky Duck Network, the network that hosts sites like Game Village Bingo and Bingo Magix. It offers a £10 free play bonus and 400% cash match on first deposit.

Visit: Igloo Bingo

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