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What’s On The Box At Film Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Nov. 8th 2016 7:12 AM

We’re a week into the month of November, and Guy Fawkes night has passed but where other sites may still be running themed promotions for the explosive night, Film Bingo have turned their attention to a little known event. On 21st November it is World Television Day so it’s quite apt that this brand has opted to theme their exclusive promotion on this day.

For players it means the chance to win one of three exclusive prizes but which one will the winner at Film Bingo choose? What’s On The Box doubles up as What’s In The Box because the winner gets to choose from three boxes to determine the prize that they win.

Finding A Winner At Film Bingo

Like many of the monthly exclusive promotions that are run by Film Bingo, a winner is determined through a leaderboard and earning points is done by playing bingo, spinning the slot reels and depositing throughout the month.

Points will be awarded each time that you complete any of the following challenges / tasks:

  • Win on the TV pattern in the 75 ball rooms – 5 points per win.
  • A full house win on the numbers 11 or 21 in the 75 and 90 ball rooms – 10 points per win.
  • £20 wagered on the Fireworks Frenzy slots – 10 points for every £20.
  • Deposit £20 – 10 points per multiple of £20 deposited.

The leaderboard is updated every Monday in November with a winner announced on Thursday 1st December.

The Prizes From Film Bingo

If you are the winner in this exclusive promotion then you will be contacted by the Film Bingo team and asked to choose box one, two or three.

There are three prizes, as shown below, but only the team knows what is in each box!

  • £50 cash credited to your account (this is withdrawable instantly).
  • Amazon Firestick.
  • £100 bonus added to your account (this is not withdrawable but any winnings derived from play will be).

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