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Robin Hood Bingo’s Money Train

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Oct. 3rd 2016 6:27 AM

Robin Hood is famous historically for robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Sadly, he has had to change his ways over recent years as the police do not look favorably on holding up coaches! This does not mean he has given up on his quest to line your pockets with silver, as he has just changed his tactics a little, and now prefers to host big money games such as his Money Train.

Robin Hood Bingo’s 75 ball Money Train game is playing as 9:30pm on Friday 4th November, so you have plenty of time to prepare. If you are anything like us, you will have no idea what you are doing next week, let alone next month, but don’t fret because you can log in ay any time and pre-purchase up to a maximum of 96 cards for £1 each from the lobby.

Sliding Jackpot At Robin Hood Bingo

This big money game from Robin Hood Bingo could see you potentially walking away with up to £100,000. We say potentially because the game comes with a twist, and that is that the jackpot slides as more and more balls are called, so the quicker you call, the more money you could win:

  • Call between 1 and 29 to win a guaranteed £100,000
  • Call between 30 and 34 to win a guaranteed £80,000
  • Call between 35 and 39 to win a guaranteed £60,000
  • Call between 40 and 44 to win a guaranteed £20,000
  • Call between 45 and 49 to win a guaranteed £10,000
  • Call between 50 and 54 to win a guaranteed £5,000

If the ball count happens to go past the 55 mark, it still won’t be a disaster of an evening, because the lucky winner is guaranteed to walk away with at least £2,500, which we are sure you will agree, is not such a bad return on a £1 card investment.

Visit: Robin Hood Bingo

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