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Ladbrokes Bingo – A History In Adverts

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Sep. 29th 2016 7:00 AM

We’ve seen many different online bingo brands advertise their wares on television; some good, some bad and some downright shocking. Ladbrokes Bingo have quite a colourful history of television commercials and we’ve see a whole array of different storyboards for their adverts.

At the Ladbrokes Bingo site you will find a page dedicated to the history of the commercials they have aired. We were surprised to find that the bingo has not been on the small screen for three years now. The first of the ads we could see was the one featuring Dave who liked to sniff his car parts.

The Ladbrokes Bingo Adverts

March 2008 – Escape To Ladbrokes Bingo

Dave and his partner are sat at the dining room table with various car parts laid out in front of them. He is clearly enraptured with them and at one point asks his partner to ‘sniff’ one of them.

At this point the tag line of the ad is used ‘Escape To Ladbrokes Bingo.’

June 2008 – Escape To Ladbrokes Bingo

The above was followed by another of a similar vein and shows a woman with a neighbour in her kitchen. The neighbour is chatting but the other lady is in her own head and we hear the words she is thinking.

She’s clearly bored by the conversation and this is when the strapline is used.

September 2008 – Go Bingo!

Who can forget the gigantic Ladbrokes balls bouncing around the streets of Liverpool for the Go Bingo commercial, we certainly can’t!

This was done with the background music provided by the iconic Fun, Fun, Fun tune from 1964 by the Beach Boys.

It was this commercial that we saw on and off over the years, but we’ve not seen any other adverts for Ladbrokes other than the Finger Limber from July 2013 that promoted the mobile version of the bingo site.

Ladbrokes! We need a new commercial from you!

Visit: Ladbrokes Bingo

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