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Bingo Bulldog Bites The Dust

Posted by Nickie on: Thursday, Jul. 28th 2016 7:46 AM

Bingo bulldog

Bingo Bulldog

When it comes to online bingo sites, we see many new ones join the ranks each month. However, today the news is of a site closure. Bingo Bulldog is the site and if we’re honest, we are shocked that it survived as long as it did!

Bingo Bulldog launched in October 2013 on the Parlay Entertainment software and was one of the few sites still trading that offer players this software platform. At launched we reviewed the site and found a limited number of rooms and even fewer players. The suggestion would be that this improved over time; otherwise, the site wouldn’t have been able to survive over two and a half years.

Parlay Entertainment Lose Bingo Bulldog

The Parlay Entertainment software has slowly lost more and more sites over the years with the biggest migration being all of the St Minver sites in 2008. At this point, all of the sites under this hat moved to the G2 Gtech software.

Of site closures, brands on the Parlay Entertainment software have been the most prolific over the years. We’ve seen Wonder Bingo, Eyes Down Bingo, Bingo 101, Bingo Chicks, Bingo Dreams, Bingo Hideaway, Bingo Mania, Bingo Tonic and many others come and go. Bingo Bulldog is simply the latest in a long line.

A Fond Farewell From Bingo Bulldog

When you visit the home page of the site now you are greeted with instructions on how to use your Bingo Bulldog to play at Bingo Palace, one of the few surviving brands still using the Parlay Entertainment software.

The operators give thanks to their loyal players and wax lyrical about the ‘wonderful years of bingo’ at the site.

Is it going to be a loss felt by the industry? We don’t think so. Although, with a limited number of sites using the software, the likes of Astro Bingo and Bingo Palace may be rubbing their hands with glee at the influx of players, influx being a term that might be over exaggerating the number of players that Bingo Bulldog amassed over the years.

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