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mFortune Now Sponsor Jeremy Kyle

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jul. 4th 2016 7:40 AM

Whether you love Jeremy Kyle or not, his daytime talk show is compelling viewing. It does not matter if you are waiting for the DNA results or just want to see if the next guest has teeth, you just can’t drag yourself away from the television! During the ad breaks some people choose to pick up their mobile phone for a few games of bingo or a spin on the slots, and this is why mFortune made the decision to become his new sponsor!

Mobile gaming is big business these day with the number of people playing via their smartphone or tablet device on the increase all of the time. mFortune is a brand that has embraced this technology, they offer their games exclusively to mobile players. You will pick up £5 for free when you register followed by a 100% deposit on your first deposit. Alll you need is an Internet connection and a decent sized screen.

The mFortune Chat Show

As part of the sponsorship deal by mFortune mFortune will feature in the idents at the start and finish of every Jeremy Kyle commercial break. In these bumpers you will see their cute little BB mascot hosting his very own talk show. During the ‘show’ he will interview a plethora of bingo balls about their own problems before offering his own unique brand of advice.

Unfortunately, this sponsorship deal only covers Scotland and the STV region at the moment. If you live south of the border you’ll be seeing a different company in those slots (usually Foxy Bingo). Don’t worry, this does not mean you have to miss out, as mFortune have uploaded all of the sponsorship clips to YouTube.

mFortune Bumper From Jeremy Kyle

For those of our readers that aren’t Scottish, here is just one of the bumpers being used in the commercial breaks of the Jeremy Kyle show.

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