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Glasto Glam At Wish Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jun. 27th 2016 7:43 AM

You can probably tell by the miserable weather we have been having recently that it’s festival season! It seems to be that as soon as it’s time for us to gather in a field and enjoy some live music, the skies turn grey, the heavens open and we all find ourselves knee deep in mud. It’s at times like these that we appreciate some creature comforts, and that is exactly what is up for grabs through the Glasto Glam promotion at Wish Bingo.

This special 75 ball bingo game from Wish Bingo is due to play at 10pm on Thursday 30th June, but if you are quick, there is still plenty of time to save yourself some money by earning cards, and you can play up to a maximum of 96 on the night.

Wish Bingo’s Glasto Glam Cards

There are three different ways to take part in the Glasto Glam game and thankfully none of them are too taxing. If you want an easy life, simply make your way into the Wish Bingo lobby where you can purchase cards for £2 each. If money is a bit tight before pay day, you can also buy them using your Diamonds, and every ten of them you trade in will earn you one extra card.

They have also lined up three simple challenges, and each time you complete them before 23:59 on the 29th June, you will earn one extra card; they are:

  • Add £10 to your Wish Bingo account
  • Spend £10 on bingo cards
  • Wager £20 on slots games

Camp It Up At Wish Bingo

The lucky winner of the Glasto Glam game will be kept nice and warm this festival season thanks to £500 worth of camping gear from Amazon. As the prize comes in the form of vouchers, they can be spent on whatever you need, regardless of whether it’s a tent, cook equipment or even a new camera for capturing those memories. Alternatively, you can choose to £500 cash instead.

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