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90th Parade Celebrations At Brits Bingo

Posted by Lee on: Monday, Jun. 6th 2016 7:11 AM

As you have probably guessed from their name, Brits Bingo is a brand that is obsessed with everything British, hence their red, white and blue colour scheme and the crown wearing, union flag draped bingo ball logo. It is only natural then that they want to make the most of the Queen’s birthday, after all, it’s not every day that she turns 90. Her birthday may be over and done with for another year, but Brits Bingo are making the most of the occasion and are continuing the fun with their 90th Parade Celebrations.

To kick things off, there is a series of special 90 ball games that are fit for a Queen! They are taking place in the Queen’s Parade room on Friday 17th June, Friday 24th June and Friday 1st July at 8pm.

Each game comes complete with £900 worth of guaranteed cash jackpots, with £500 going to the full house winner, £250 for the two line winner and £150 for the one line winner. Cards for these games are just 40p each and can be pre-purchased from the Brits Bingo lobby, and as an added bonus, for every three you purchase, you will get one free card for the Surprise Party game.

Brits Bingo Surprise Party

Brits Bingo’s Surprise Party game plays at 8pm on Friday 8th July in their special Surprise Party room. All of the free cards you earn will be waiting for you when you log in, but if you can’t get on to play live, they will be automatically played for you.

If you are not lucky enough to earn any free cards, don’t fret because you can still take part by purchasing them for 50p each.

We would love to tell you what you are going to be playing for, but as the name suggests, they are keeping the prizes a closely guarded secret. All we can tell you is that there will be three main mystery prizes, plus five extra winners drawn from a raffle to win a royal treat.

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