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Party Time At Tidy Bingo

Posted by Nickie on: Tuesday, Apr. 12th 2016 7:30 AM

Have you got any plans for this evening? If not why not head on over to Tidy Bingo and join in the Fools, Saints and Showers party that the site is throwing in their standalone room, the Tidy Cupboard. There’s no entry fee and consider this your invitation.

For three hours there are to be chat games, fun and laughter and plenty of prize games happening at Tidy Bingo and it will only cost you the price of the bingo tickets to play along. Tickets in the Cupboard only ever cost 5p or 10p, so you won’t be breaking the bank to get involved with the party atmosphere. It all starts at 7pm with the regular Tidy and the Troops game, the game that each week donates money to the Help For Heroes charity.

The party then gets started and with the Fools, Saints And Showers themes, the session is divided up into relevant sections.

Party Schedule From Tidy Bingo

Saints Chat Game

The first chat game of the evening at Tidy Bingo is Saint or Sinner and it’s really easy to follow. The first 45 numbers are Saints and the second 45 are Sinners. Whichever number bingo is called on decides if you’re a Saint or Sinner and you simply have to type the relevant result into chat. i.e. I’m A Saint.

The first to type the correct phrase in chat will win the 500 loyalty points on offer.

Prize Shower

From 8pm until 9.30pm Tidy Bingo are going to be showering players with presents. The best part of this is that its not the game winners that will be taking home the tangible prizes so even if you don’t win bingo, you could win a prize.

Tidy Bingo will be allocating numbers between 1 and 90 to players as they arrive for the party, two per player. It is these number that will win you the prizes. If bingo is called on the numbers you hold, the prize is yours.

April Fool

The final chat game of the session, if all 20 prizes have been given away, is April Fool. Just watch for the numbers 1 and 4 to be called and then type I’m and April Fool in chat to win the prize of 500 loyalty points.

Visit: Tidy Bingo

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